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How long does anxiety take to cure?

I have anxiety and want to fix it. How long does anxiety take to cure?

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That's a great question! Anxiety is not meant to be cured, it's an important emotion that when in balance gives us helpful information about what we care about and how to protect ourselves. When this is out of balance it can feel overwhelming like we are losing control, fear is driving our decisions and in more severe cases this can turn into disordered behavior such as perfectionistic tendencies, panic attacks, compulsions, obsessions uncontrollable worry and stress. Therapy helps teach coping skills to help manage and recalibrate how we relate to anxiety. Within 4-6 weeks of* active and daily practice *of applying emotion regulation tactics and perspective-taking taking you can begin to see a significant change in how you experience feelings of anxiety. The more severe the symptoms the longer it may take to feel confident in this process, but cultivating a new relationship with anxiety to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life is possible.