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How long does cheek liposuction last?

I want to have cheek liposuction. How long does cheek liposuction last?

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Wiper section of the cheek remove the fat cells, and they are then gone forever unless you gain a lot of weight. If you lose weight the fat cells shrink in size. Robert M Dryden, MD, FA CS
Liposuction is the permanent removal of fat from the body. So by undergoing cheek liposuction, what fat is removed is gone permanently. Sounds great, right? Not so fast! Keep in mind that without adhering to a solid diet and exercise plan, what fat remains can grow (or hypertrophy) as it stores unused calories, so you still risk your result not being permanent if you get complacent and don't protect your postoperative result with good, healthy behaviors. This principle applies to any part of the body undergoing liposuction. Caveat emptor, or, let the buyer beware!
Cheek liposuction? Please see a Board-Certified surgeon. This is not a common procedure, partly because cheek fat is essential for a more full and youthful facial aesthetic appearance and because there are nerves and other structures that make this delicate.
Excellent question,cheek liposuction provides indeed a permanent cheek thinning as long as one keeps its own weight unchanged .A more limited and permanent thinning of the mid lower cheek occurs after buccal fat pad removal .In this latter case too aggressive a removal could produce some significant hollowness especially after a severe weight loss . Consulting an experienced board certified plastic surgeon is advisable to choose the safest appropriate procedure . You can see some beautiful results at Dr Christian Drehsen , Board certified plastic surgeon
It lasts forever. That's only true if one does not gain or lose weight. The facts are people do change over time, aging, weight changes, stress, sun damage skin....etc All of these factors do alter the look of the face. The answer is : Not thing last forever!