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How long does foot adjustment take?

I am a 31 year old male. I want to know how long does foot adjustment take?

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There are different techniques. The quick force adjustment takes less than a second. There is a slow controlled rhythmic and oscillatory treatment that I use that takes about 2 minutes.
30 secs
30 seconds to a minute
No more than a few minutes

The actual adjustment itself should only take a minute.
One second. Prep work 5-10 min.
I wish there is a simple answer but it depends on what is wrong with you. A history is required to gain an understanding of your health and likely causes or risks. An exam is needed to rule out anything bad like a fracture, tarsal tunnel syndrome, gout, etc. All of these things can vary in time. An actual foot adjustment only takes a couple minutes; however, was there more needed adjusting? Any pretreatment required like physical therapy? Every patient is different and a treatment plan should be designed specifically to the individual patient. I hope this helped you. Thanks for the question and good luck!
A foot adjustment, if warranted by exam, takes minutes and should always be followed up by exercises. The total appointment time is between 15-30 mins.
Thanks for the question! Assuming there are no contraindications, bilateral foot adjustment would take about 5 minutes.

Dr. Morales, D.C.
The adjustment itself only take a few seconds. The history and examination will take a bit longer--and they should be done.
Foot adjustments are usually very quick. Long term changes to the feet can take years to correct.
Not too long, but the healing related to the foot dysfunction that the adjustment is addressing can vary on time of healing.