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How long does it take an infection to go away after tooth extraction?

I got an infection after a tooth extraction. How long does it take an infection to go away after tooth extraction?

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The infection is gone immediately as the dentist removes the granulation tissue from the bone. The phone will take one year to fill in. The soft tissue a filling in four weeks.
It depends. It may require antibiotics or it may go away on its own.
Once an infected tooth is removed and the patient is placed on appropriate antibiotics, the infection will normally clear in 1-2 weeks following the last dose of the antibiotic. If the patient is immunocompromised or has other underlying medical conditions, including diabetes, the infection will take longer to clear and may require additional antibiotics.
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How long for all the infection to disappear depends on your immune system. If the infection got out into your jawbones, where there is less blood supply, it takes longer. It is like ants taking away a sandpile.
If you developed an infection after a tooth extraction, you most likely were prescribed an antibiotic. It takes 24-26 hours for the antibiotic to be at full therapeutic dosage in your bloodstream. To fully get rid of the infection, you must take the antibiotic until it is finished, usually 7-10 days.