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How long does it take to recover from torn meniscus surgery?

I am a 38 year old male. I want to know how long does it take to recover from torn meniscus surgery?

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4-12 weeks normally.
If the meniscus is repaired the rehabilitation is much slower. But most of the time a partial meniscectomy is performed. If you had a partial meniscectomy, recovery can be rather rapid. I have had patients go back to work in one week and to sports in 3 weeks. Of course impatiens take longer to recover.
If partial mesectomy, can do weight bearing immediately. If repaired, take six weeks to heal.
For NFL players, they miss 2-3 games. For us mere mortals, 3-4 weeks if it is a simple meniscectomy.
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Dr. Bose
This depends on several factors. Type and location of year. How much arthritis present. Weight, general health. Whether respected or repaired. In general for healthy, normal or mildly overweight with a flap or degenerative tear plan on about 6 weeks before running, jumping, cutting sports. Can walk, bike much sooner. If meniscus repaired no running for 3-4 months. Discuss with your surgeon. They will best be able to advise. Good luck.
It depends on the type of surgery. If it was a minimally invasive partial menisectomy (they trimmed out the torn and non-functioning part of the meniscus), then typically 2-4 months, depending on if you need physical therapy post-op. If a repair of the torn meniscus was performed, then sometimes up 4-6 months is needed as there could be a short period of altered weight bearing after surgery, sometimes necessitating more physical therapy.
Depends on the surgery. Repair longer. Debridement shorter.
That very much depends on the procedure performed. If you and your physician opt to perform a partial menisectomy (taking out the tear), you're waiting on pain, swelling, inflammation to calm down but do not need much more than the skin to heal as you have simply taken out the painful pathology. My patients with this surgery weight bear immediately, use crutches for a day or two, and ideally are resuming all activities by 4 weeks, but some are much sooner. With a meniscal repair, it is a much different story. There is brace wear, altered weight bearing and limitations on motion. Total recovery on meniscal repair may be on the order of 3-6 months. This depends on the type and location of the tear as well as the bloodflow to the meniscus and the quality of the surrounding joint. Good luck!