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How long is bed rest after normal delivery?

I am 38 weeks pregnant. I want to know how long is bed rest after normal delivery?

2 Answers

Rest when you can, it is a good idea to rest when your baby is resting. The first weeks, you will need to be sure to not overdue it. Do what you can without getting overtired, and take care not to overwhelm yourself with anything. Family may want to visit, etc., but it is more important to rest and bond with your baby. If you are breastfeeding, you will need a calm,
quiet environment to establish a good nursing start and patience with latching as sometimes it is not easy at first. If you choose to formula feed, do not let anyone shame you. Let your body recover, heal, and remember that women heal at varying speeds. So, if you don't bounce back as quickly as another mother, it is normal. Be kind to yourself, you just created,
carried, and birthed an entire human being.
Best wishes and congratulations!
You should ask your doctor about your own situation, but generally speaking, bed rest is not recommended after delivery, you must stay active.