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Extended heavy menstrual cycle

My wife has had a heavy flow period for almost 3 weeks now. She is 48 and we have 6 children. 4 were natural births and 2 were c section. She was diagnosed and treated for uterine...

Can excess body heat be the cause of my severe bleeding during periods?

I have excessive bleeding during my period. Could it be because I have excess body heat? What can I do about it?

At what stage of pregnancy can congenital defects in a baby be detected?

I am pregnant for the first time and I would like to know, at what stage of pregnancy can I know if my baby has any congenital defects or not?

Can I get dimples through plastic surgery?

I've been obsessed with dimples ever since I was a little girl and my feelings still haven't changed now that I'm 37. Is it something possible through plastic surgery?

I want to delay my period because I am travelling. When should I be taking my pills?

I am scheduled to take a trip but I am worried I will get my period. When can I start taking my pills to delay my periods?

Is acupuncture helpful in boosting fertility?

I want to have a baby within the next 2-4 years. I've heard from a few people that acupuncture can help before I get pregnant. Is this true?

My discharge is thick and smelly. Is it an infection?

For the last two days my white discharge is thick and also has a weird smell. Could it be the sign of an infection?

How soon after a c-section is it advisable to walk up the stairs?

After a c-section surgery how soon is it advisable to start going up the stairs? My sister is getting a C-section and she is hearing 2 different things from 2 different surgeons....

Can masturbation cause problems with urinating?

I masturbate every once in a while, and lately I've noticed a small bleeding while/after masturbating. I also feel a constant urge to pee after I'm done. Usually only small amounts...

Can PCOD be corrected with radiation therapy?

I am suffering from PCOD ever since I got my period. I have tried all possible medications but nothing seems to work. Can radiation therapy help in any way?

What's the difference between emergency contraceptive and the abortion pill?

How does plan B work differently than the abortion pill?

My friend had heavy bleeding after taking the abortion pill. Does she need a D&C?

My friend took abortion pills and thereafter had heavy bleeding which stopped on its own. Does she require a D&C?

Why do I have a lot of white discharge?

I started to notice that I'm having an excessive amounts of white discharge throughout the day. What could be the reason for this? Could it be something serious?

The doctor has advised me to undergo pap smear test. Does it hurt?

I went to the doctor and she said that I have to start getting a pap smear when I go, every year for my annual. I'm only 19, and this is really worrying me. Does it hurt?

Bad bloods in pregnancy

Hi, I have been diagnosed with pregnancy anemia and my platelets count has been fluctuating between 70000-99000 over the past 3 weeks. Currently at 85000 with a platelet distribution...

Why is it difficult to insert an IUD for a second time?

I had an IUD. However, after 4 years I got it removed and now my OBGYN is advising I don't use it again. Why?

I am 8 months pregnant and had some spotting. Could this mean anything abnormal?

I am 8 months pregnant and had some spotting. Very minimal. Can this be risky in any way?

What should be my first steps if my child convulses?

Last night, my son had a fever and started to convulse while he was in bed. Like any other parent, I rushed to the hospital and brought him to the ER. But the doctor said that...

Can I start doing yoga within 1 month of a C-section?

I had a C-section just about a month ago. Can I start doing yoga exercises to try to get back in shape or is it too early still? I feel fine otherwise.

What is the treatment for an enlarged uterus?

A recent USG indicated that I have an enlarged uterus. What is the treatment for this, usually? I'm discussing with this in my next appointment with my OB-GYN, but I want to...

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