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Whats the difference between primary care doctor/internist and family doctor?

I just moved to a new area and I am searching for a great primary care doctor- but am confused by doctors listed as internal medicine, or family medicine, or primary care? What...

What can I do to improve my chances of getting pregnant?

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for about 6 months now, and have not had any luck. What can I do to improve my chances of getting pregnant?

Why am I experiencing pain during intercourse?

Lately, every time my husband and I have sexual intercourse, I am experiencing a very sharp and intense pain. Why is this happening? Should I be concerned about this?

Why do my periods last for such a long time?

Every month I get my period, it lasts for 7-8 days and is extremely heavy the entire time. Could there be something wrong with me? Is this normal?

What can I do about my facial hair growth?

Are there any hormonal medicines available to get rid of facial hair for a woman?

My mother sleeps the entire day and is unable to sleep at night. What should I do?

My mother has been sleeping throughout the day and finds it difficult to sleep at night. What should I do about it?

When should my child get their pap smear done?

My child is 18 years old, and I think that she needs to have her pap smear done soon. At what age should she go?

Is it okay to have a pap smear test when I have my period?

I have an appointment for my pap smear test in two days and that will be the fourth day of my period. Is it okay to have the test while I am still bleeding?

I have a boil right at the entrance of my vagina. Can you recommend a topical cream for it?

I have a big boil right at the entrance of my vagina and it hurts. I have been applying coconut oil to it but it's not helping at all. Can you please suggest a topical treatment...

Anterior Prolapse

I have recently gone through or going through Menopause. For the last several months my bladder issues have increased drastically. I've read why your bladder can drop, etc and...

Are painkillers safe to have for menstrual cramps?

I am 34 years old and I have always had severe cramps. Over the counter medications really do not help me at all. Can stronger painkillers help, and are they safe to take for...

I have soreness around my vagina after sex. What is causing this?

After having sex, I have extreme soreness around my vagina. I am very worried. What is causing this and can it be cured?

Plan B pill - Can I be pregnant?

I had unprotected sex on June 21, and took 2 plan B pills an hour later. I got my period in July for 2-3 days, but haven't gotten my period in August until now (September). I...

Can fibroids recur after a surgery?

My daughter has been diagnosed with fibroids and we are planning to get a surgery done to remove them. I want to know can this problem recur even after the surgery?

During my period, I experience severe lower and upper back pain. Is this normal?

When I get my period, I experience a sharp pain in my lower and upper back. It usually lasts for about 2 days on and off, and over the counter pain medication such as midol and...

After I use an MTP kit, how long will I continue to bleed?

I used an MTP Kit after my pregnancy test came positive. I am now having bleeding. How long will the bleeding go on for?


I have a vaginal yeast infection (recurrent). I take fluke 150 three times in three weeks. One time in one week, I use candid v jelly daily at bedtime for one week. But I have...

Can tampons cause a urinary tract infection?

I have always used tampons, but have recently been getting frequent UTI's. Can tampons cause these infections?

I had severe postpartum depression after giving birth to my son. Is it likely I will have it with my second child?

When I had my first baby, I suffered with postpartum depression. I recently found out that I am pregnant again. Is it likely I will have it again with my second child?

How often should you have your IUD replaced?

After the birth of my first child a little over a year ago, I got an IUD. How often should I have it replaced?

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