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Are swimming pools safe during pregnancy?

I am 15 weeks pregnant. Are swimming pools safe during pregnancy?

Is general anesthesia safe for a C-section?

I will have a C-section delivery. Is general anesthesia safe for a C-section?

Herpes or bv?

I have burning when I pee, sores all over my vulva, period-like cramps, dizziness, extremely liquidity discharge, and intense itchiness/stabbing-like pain in/around my vulva/vagina....

UTI testing?

When they do a urine test for a UTI do they test for STDs as well?

Am I pregnant?

I had an IUD replaced because it moved. I had sex the day before it was replaced (pull out method done poorly) to test 19, 22, and 23 days after having sex. Tests came back negative....

Pregnancy chance?

I had sex in Feb and am getting my period. Is it still possible for me to be pregnant?

Fertility concern?

I have had anorexia since the age of 15 and I’m now 30. I have only had one or two periods at the age of 15 and none since. I was wondering what has happened to my eggs? Are...

Fat stranding?

I had a hysterectomy and then radiotherapy for cervical. I'm having pain in my hips and had a CT scan. They said I had fat stranding due to a hysterectomy. Can you please explain...

I’m confused about my vagina?

Well, I want to say that I got tested for HIV/herpes in January and it came back negative. Before that I got tested in November in it was also negative. In January after my test,...

Pregnancy scare?

I'm worried I might be pregnant, and that I'm experiencing implantation bleeding. I am on birth control combination pills, I just began my fourth week (reminder pills) 3 days...

Pelvic inflammatory disease?

My wife is having PID and she can't conceive through this, a blood stain in her uterus from the scan results.

Can Plan B cause late second period?

On April 14, I had sex. On April 15, less than 24 hours later, I took a plan B. 6 days later, on the 21, I got my period 10 days early. My period stopped on the 2nd. It is...

Not getting periods after ipill?

I had my first intercourse on the 28th of May. We used protection as I didn't want to get pregnant we're pretty sure it didn't leak. I still took an ipill because of the fear...

Diverticulosis or endometriosis cause of bowel adhesions?

I recently had lap surgery to have endometriosis excised, the doctor also found my colon had significant amounts of scar tissue on both sides attaching it to my abdominal wall....

How should I prepare for a PAP smear?

I will have a PAP smear. How should I prepare for a PAP smear?

Can I still have eggs at 51?

I want to get pregnant and I have mental health problems.

Infertile concern?

I have never successfully fallen pregnant, even after years of past unprotected sex. I have been iron deficient for a while though, could this affect that at all? I don’t take...

Amniocentesis test?

My ex-girlfriend is pregnant with twins. On April 7th she had amnio fluid drawn for a paternity test she was 19 weeks pregnant at the time. She has since decided she wants to...

Drainage identification?

I'm a 47 year old female. I had discomfort which increased to awful pain and a lump under the skin between my anus and tail bone area. I used Epsom salt wet compress to get it...

Vaginal boil?

I think I have a boil on my vagina. It's a big, red, and painful pimple. I used antiseptic cream but I'm not sure if it works. What should I do?

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