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How long is local anesthesia for hand surgery?

I will have hand surgery. How long is local anesthesia for hand surgery?

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Hand surgery can be done with multiple types of anesthesia. Depending on the complexity of the procedure, usually is a combination of sedation and local anesthesia provided by the surgeon directly over the surgical site or, if the case is much more involved, the anesthesiologist can perform a peripheral nerve block. That will numb the entire arm for an average of 16-24 hours depending on the local anesthetic used
Local anesthesia used for hand surgery refers to anesthetics for a small body area and is very common in hand surgery. Numbing medicine (Lidocaine, benzocaine, marcaine or a pharmacological relative) is injected at the site of surgery. There are different types of local anesthetic medications that last for different amounts of time. Some may last for only *one or two hours*, and others *may last for eight hours or more*. When local anesthesia is used alone, the patient can be wide awake during the surgery. Sometimes, epinephrine may be mixed with the local anesthetic to temporarily constrict the blood vessels and limit excessive bleeding. This may temporarily make the skin look pale where the medication is injected.
With regional anesthesia, specific parts of the body are put to sleep by injecting numbing medicine through a needle or catheter placed along the path of the targeted nerves. This may be around the collarbone or neck, under the arm, at the wrist, in the palm, or around the finger. As with local anesthesia, relaxing medication may be given through an IV line, as well. Regional anesthesia uses numbing medications that can provide between
Local anesthesia is no feeling at the surgery site and distal. How long you are under local anesthesia is determined by your diagnosis and your surgeon.
Local anesthesia can last an hour or 2 or even up to 24-48 hours, depending upon the anesthetic injected. Best to ask your surgeon before your procedure.
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Depends. Regional block vs. local. With an experienced surgeon and anesthesiologist, these types of anesthesia are generally adequate for simple surgery (such as carpal tunnel).
If it is for carpal tunnel it is about 30 minutes.