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How do you get rid of numbness from lidocaine?

I am a 29 year old female. I want to know how can I get rid of numbness from lidocaine?

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It should dissipate in a few hours by itself. If it does not, report this to your doctor
Lidocaine will wear off
Generally it should wear off off on its own. The length depends on the strength, dose and also if any adjuncts like epinephrine were used.
Lidocaine wears off in about 3 to 4 hours. When was it injected?
With time
There is nothing you can do. It must wear off on its own.
Wait patiently. Depending on how and where it was used and the concentration, it lasts from 1-2 to a few hours for a regional block.  

Steven Dain
It is a matter of time. From the site of injection, or from the site of application, it will be taken up by the blood circulation and metabolized.


M. Tabatabai, MD
The passage of time, usually a couple of hours.

From Christopher Creighton
To my knowledge, there is no "easy fix," it just has to run its course. The good news is that lidocaine is relatively short-acting as compared to other agents such as bupivicaine.  
1 hour takes xylocaine will go. Just wait