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How much pain is normal after otoplasty?

I had otoplasty yesterday. It hurts bad today. How much pain is normal after otoplasty?

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Pain is quite variable from patient to patient however, my patients never needed a narcotic after an otoplasty, so their pain was minimal. Robert M Dryden, MD Dragon NaturallySpeaking/RMD
It's a bit premature to be asking about postoperative pain so soon after plastic surgery, especially otoplasty! The ear has rich innervation around it, and those nerves "wake up" after surgery, when the general and local anesthesia wears off. Don't expect to have zero pain after any surgery, but your pain should be controlled enough for you to engage in light activity such as getting out of bed and walking around the house. If you have concerns, contact your surgeon and see if anything needs adjusting with your medications!
Not much pain , just uncomfortable the first week