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How often do you need your teeth cleaned?

I usually only go to the dentist when I have a problem so i haven't been to one in a couple years. I'm starting to worry about my teeth as i get older. How often should i go for a cleaning? once a year?

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Ideally twice a year. Most insurance plans will cover two exams and cleanings a year. If you do not have insurance it is still good to have at least one check up a year.
It is really a mistake. You must see a dentist regularly if you want to keep your teeth.
The American Dental Association recommends check ups two times a year. The older we get the more likely we may find more problems that are harder to deal with. Routinely we do oral cancer screenings. In addition gum disease in some form is found in over half to the population. In short the prudent thing to do is get regular check-ups.
You should see your dentist at least twice a year for cleanings and exams. You should also get X-rays taken once a year. If you follow this you’ll be able to catch problems early before they become major treatment issues and also prevent gum disease that could cause other health issues.
Twice a year is the standard of care. But depends on your gums and teeth situation it could be up to 4 times a year, every 3 months! Please consult it with your dentist.
Cleanings are recommended every 6 months, unless you have periodontal problems (gum disease), dry mouth, or excessive buildup of calculus. If you have gum disease, dry mouth or excessive buildup, your dentist will usually recommend cleanings every 4 months or even every 3 months, depending how severe the problem is.
3 times a year. The longer you wait, the higher the concentration of dangerous toxins.

That is a very common question. You should be brushing 2-3 times a day to clean your teeth. For the approximately 20%-30% of adults with perfect oral health, the ADA recommends twice a year hygiene visits. If you are like approximately 70% of adults and have some form of periodontal disease, then you should expect to go 3-4 times a year for hygiene treatment. If you have not been going regularly, then you probably fall into having some form of periodontal issues. If you wait until there is a problem, it is similar to waiting to change your car oil until your engine seizes and can ultimately lead to greater cost and more health issues.

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The best answer is, it depends. Depends on a host of factors like age, medical status, and level of gingival/periodontal disease. As a rule of thumb, I would say every 6 months, but this interval depends on the above factors.
If you have good oral hygiene habits and a healthy mouth you should get a professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year. Read more about this at :
Definitely more than once a year! If you are brushing twice a day thoroughly, flossing at least once a day, using an antimicrobial rinse after every meal, you might be able to get away with once a year. In short, you have to have perfect oral hygiene. Most people however, should go a minimum of twice a year, preferably even 3-4 times a year for a professional cleaning because it doesn't take very long for a cavity to develop.
The timing can vary from person to person. Depending on how fast you build up tartar, cleaning could be needed from 2-4 times per year. Once a year could be stretching it a bit. When you go, your dentist should be able to give you a better idea of your needs.
You should see your dentist at least once per year. Are you concerned that you might have tooth decay or gum disease? You should be. How about oral cancer, God forbid! Get a cancer screening, X-rays, exam, and cleaning and get out of your state of denial. I am not your mother, but you are an adult and you are free to do whatever you want, but you need to be true to yourself.
If you take care to have good oral hygiene habits and a healthy mouth, then a professional cleaning at least twice a year is recommended. If you have bleeding gums during brushing and flossing, that is a sign of inflammation and a bacterial load that needs to be addressed, because healthy gums don’t bleed when measured at the dentist’s office or during brushing and flossing at home. If any bleeding is present, then it is recommended that you have appointments with a dental hygienist on a personalized schedule to get it under control. Once you no longer have any bleeding, you can come in less frequently again after the tissue is restored to health. Only a dentist and hygienist can look at your gums and tell you your custom recommendation for how often to have them cleaned.
Patients with no periodontal issues should have a cleaning every 6 months. Patients with periodontal issues may need to be seen every 3 months.
You should get your teeth professionally cleaned every six months. There are many places in the mouth that people miss, even if they are very diligent. Chances are you probably have gingivitis if you are very lucky and probably early stages of periodontal disease. Get to your dentist as soon as possible!
Professional dental cleanings are case specific. Rule of thumb dictates 6-monthly, however, people who are at high risk for decay or gum disease should attend 3 to 4 times per year.
Those who have a history of no caries and very low incidence of minimal tooth repairs can have it done on a 9-monthly basis. Same for those with no history of gum disease.
Everyone is different. Some need a cleaning every 4 months and some can go 3 years. It depends on your home care (flossing every day) and how quickly you form tartar.
Twice a year in the absence of gum disease. Please consult your local dentist to best determine the optimum frequency.
The average patient should have their teeth cleaned and checked twice a year. Some patients need treatment more often this would be determined by the dentist with help from the hygienist. The goal is to keep the oral cavity as healthy as possible for the life of the patient.
It is normally recommended to have your teeth cleaned twice a year. Depending on how quickly plaque builds up in your mouth, along with many other risk factors for decay and gum disease, this frequency may be adjusted. If it has been two years since your last cleaning, you’re definitely due for an exam and cleaning.
Typically twice a year cleanings are advised, however, some patients only require one cleaning a year. However, some patients need more frequent cleanings, sometimes every 3 months is needed. A dentist needs to determine what your periodontal status is to determine the necessary frequency needed to maintain your periodontal health.
If your gums are very healthy, twice a year is enough. Your dentist can determine how healthy your gums are. Some people need cleanings every 3 months. Floss and careful brushing make a big difference.
After practicing for over forty years, I have seen that there should be no set answer to that question. I am assuming that you fall in the normal category, without any unusual conditions. Many offices recommend a six-month recall. I do not think the ADA endorses such a practice. Recall examinations and regular cleaning are a function of how often the teeth become loaded with plaque and calculus. Some people and in my experience a large percentage of people, do need regular cleanings. What's more, they do not benefit from a regular cleaning. It really is quite simple, look in the mirror and carefully inspect your teeth. If they look clean, they do not need what is referred to as a Prophy. They may still need a
cleaning under the gums to remove calculus. In my experience, a minority of people need such a treatment. The same is true for recall exams. If you are a person with active dental problems, then a 6-month recall makes a lot of sense. But if you typically have only minor dental issues, a yearly of even bi yearly exam makes more sense. This is what I recommend to most of my patients. A dentist who has experience should be able to make a judgement about how long an interval is sensible.