Urologist Questions Kidney Stones

How will I know if my kidney stone has gone out in my urine or not?

I have a small kidney stone, but the doctor says it will dissolve and come out with the urine and I don’t need treatment for it at all. How will I know if the stone has gone out or not?

4 Answers

The best imaging study for kidney stones is a non contrasted CT scan.
Unless you pass the stone you want to be able to tell if the kidney stone is still there. The only way to know whether there is still a kidney stone is to have a renal ultrasound or CT scan
You can normally see the stone in the urine. If you are having pain, we ask that you strain your urine and catch the stone to be analyzed. It is rare that a stone will dissolve, I would have follow up imaging to make sure
I’m trying to pass a small kidney stone, you can strain your urine through a regular strainer or disposable strainer given to you by your doctor. To ensure that the stone has passed, follow up imaging should be performed. Of course, if you develop pain out of control, fever, chills, or severe urinary problems, Then you should go seek immediate emergency medical care.