Physical Therapist Questions Weight loss

I am overweight and have recently started running. What are the precautions I should take?

I am over weight by over 65 lbs, and I have recently started running to lose weight and to stay healthy. What are the precaution people with excess weight should take while running so as to prevent any kind of injuries?

2 Answers

Stretch the calves, hamstrings and quads before and after. Run slowly and not very far at first. If you feel pain, then stop. Use ice on any sore body parts. Have proper foot wear with good arch support. Don't run daily, rather every other day. And try this routine, with each stage lasting 30 minutes

Stage I Walk 5 minutes, Jog 1 minute
Stage II Walk 4 minutes, Jog 2 minutes
Stage III Walk 3 minutes, Jog 3 minutes
Stage IV Walk 2 minutes, Jog 4 minutes
Stage V Jog every other day with a goal of reaching 30 consecutive minutes. Begin with 5 minutes
of walking, gradually increasing the pace. End with 5 minutes of walking.

If you have no pain when doing this activity level or afterwards, and you have no discomfort or tightness that limits your normal movements the next morning, proceed to the next stage.

Good luck!
You should test your resting metabolism first and follow up with a physical therapist