Psychologist Questions Depression

I burst into frequent crying spells. Is it a sign of depression?

Recently, I suddenly feel like crying for no apparent reason. Is it a sign of depression?

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If you are a female, it could be hormonal. Talk to your doctor.
It could be depression. It could also be hormonal. Sometimes the expectations we place on our self can be unrealistic and contribute to fear and low self-esteem.Isolation can reinforce these negative, self-deprecating thoughts.
Has anything happened that may have triggered this spell of crying? If there isn’t a notable “trigger”, I would say that it is possible that this is a sign of depression. Are you sad? Lacking in motivation? Eating/Sleeping too much or too little? Not finding pleasure in your usual enjoyable activities? If so, I would suspect depression and would direct you to find professional help.
Crying is not necessarily a sign of depression. There may be other factors.

Geraldine Fee, Ph.D.
Hello. I am sorry to hear you are going through a tough time. Frequent crying spells can be a sign of depression however, it is difficult to give a definitive answer without knowing additional background information and assess other symptoms which you might be experiencing. It might be helpful to meet with a psychologist who can help with determining the source of this issue and help you to determine the best way to alleviate symptoms and ultimately to feel better! Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions. Take care.
Possibly. I would consult with either a local psychotherapist in your area.
Frequent crying spells could be a sign of depression. Are you also experiencing sleep or appetite disturbance, low self-esteem, social withdrawal, fatigue, irritability, or low motivation? If you are experiencing any of these along with your crying spells, see a therapist for an evaluation. Depression is treatable, so please don't continue to suffer with it.
Not necessarily. Many other symptoms would enter the picture. How you feel, for example. Are you a woman? If so, hormones of pregnancy and childbirth can cause such bouts of tears. If you are not feeling hopeless, listless, desperately unhappy, why not just make an appointment with your primary care and have the usual blood tests before deciding on whether any treatment (and if so, which) should be used.

It’s good that you asked!


Marian Shapiro
Hello, this could be a sign of depression or anxiety. I recommend you see both your primary doctor and a mental health professional with a license.
It could be. Go see a psychologist to peel back the onion and unravel what is happening here.
It could could also be a result of other things-such as hormonal changes or stresses in your life.
Yes it is absolutely! You should see a psychologist or psychiatrist