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I don't like taking high blood pressure medication

I have been on Lisinopril for high blood pressure for many years. My blood pressure is well regulated but I really don't like how the medicine makes me feel. It's nothing specific, I just don't like it. I have heard that there are natural ways of treating high blood pressure without medication. What types of treatments are available?

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This one you have to go slowly, since going off an antihypertensive drug can be challenging. Make sure you start with NOT going off the drug and taking Magnesium and a liver remedy like dandelion and methionine (find this in your health food store). Then call my office for a consult. Dr. Beilin
First, I want to caution you to never discontinue a prescription medication without first speaking with your medical provider, because there can be dangerous side effects.
Second, make sure you speak with your medical provider if your medications are causing some unwelcome side effects, that way they can possibly change medications and or dose.
That being said, there are other prescriptions medications on the market that may be a better fit for you and your high blood pressure than only Lisinopril. The other, not pharmecutical methods for controlling blood pressure are many. Stress reductions, diet, exercise, and some herbal preparations can all be effective and have a place in a blood pressure lowering health plan.
Speak with your doctor about these other options. As you fit in exercise you may find you need less and less of the medication that is causing your problems.
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Traditional naturopaths focus on the client as a whole. They look to the cause of a health concern rather than suppressing symptoms, thus recognizing symptoms of dis-ease as expressions of the body’s natural attempt to heal. The naturopath works to educate his or her clients in how to stimulate the body’s own vital healing forces. Although all naturopaths emphasize choices based on their own personal interests and experiences, they maintain a consistent naturopathic philosophy.

All living things have a natural ability to heal themselves. When properly functioning, our bodies promote self-cleansing and self-repair, and, therefore, self-healing. While modern medicine spends much of its time focused on killing germs, bacteria, and viruses, naturopathy aims to bring the body back into balance, making it strong and resistant against dis-ease.
Hypertension has many causes and if you decide to work on getting off your medications you should always work with a physician. Some tips for lowering your blood pressure include: stress reduction, weight loss, aerobic exercise, 1/4 cup of ground flaxseeds daily, 2-3 cups Hibiscus tea daily, eating celery, increasing your plant based foods and lowering consumption of animal based foods.
In general, someone with severe high blood pressure should be on medication, but ways to support healthy blood pressure levels naturally would to be on some type of weight management program if you are overweight, reduction of stress because many individuals I have crossed path with have been put on blood pressure medication during a stressful point in their lives, increasing cardio as an exercise, eliminating lifestyle factors that are known to increase blood pressure (i.e., coffee, smoking), implementing an anti-hypertensive diet and possible supplementation. Supplementation should be monitor by a practitioner who specializes in using them, while they are
not a replacement for hypertensive medication, they can have an impact on blood pressure (positive or negative). It is recommended that you take your blood pressure on a regular basis and work with your prescribing physician to reduce your dose if you are making healthy changes to your life and are seeing positive change in your blood pressure readings.
I have treated many people with high BP. I find and treat high BP through diet
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the key risk factors for high blood pressure are elevated homocysteine and disturbances of your methylation cycle, particularly a lack of hydrogen peroxide and nitric oxide.
Key factors like B12, folate, B6 are key to keeping this in check.
MTHFR gene should also be checked and also homocysteine levels.
Try a supplement like this as general support - <>
Make sure you are improving nitric oxide production and hydrogen sulphide will help like beets and sulphur based foods - broccoli, =
Dr.Nolting: Yes there are several considerations that may proof effective for your case. Of course any options depend on your history. Weight and exercise are important considerations, that along a review of diet and lifestyle are important factors. There are several herbal and supplement options that can be reviewed once your case is clarified. For example a common herbal remedy is Hawthorn which is often used for blood pressure. On the supplemental side Magnesium can be considered among others. There are amino acids and Chinese herbs that also may be considered. Good Luck.
Natural ways for treating high blood pressure are available, yes, but it is a bit more complicated. Seeing a plant medicine specialist in person will be more suitable in your case because a look at your tongue, diagnosing your pulse, knowing your diet and lifestyle, as well as knowing what your stool and urine look like are all necessary to properly make up an effective prescription of medicinal plants.
Botanical medicines which tend to have less side effects than medications, acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and homeopathy are a few alternative to address high blood pressure. Of course, a lot depends on the severity of your high blood pressure, lifestyle, family history, etc. It is best to consult with a Naturopathic Doctor to determine the best alternative to address your individual health care needs. Medications can always be used if natural treatment are not effective.
There are many causes of hypertension so there is no specific answer that can be given. However, diet and exercise have incredible results. If you would like to schedule a consultation either in person or over the phone, please call our office at 480.361.4005.
For individuals with mild or moderate hypertension the current treatment guidelines do emphasize the role of non-pharmacological intervention such as the modifications to diet & then the participation in a routine physical activity .. there's been a large number of studies that are demonstrating that regular aerobic exercises may play a significant role in management the of the disease .. aerobic exercise used to treat high blood pressure does not have to be performed in a single long duration .. It can be done in shorter bouts... several 10 minute walks throughout the day provide the same benefits as 30 minutes of continuous walking .. at the same intensity .. as well as reducing sugar consumption.. alcohol.. smoking.. the removal of oxidizing chemicals ..

Regular aerobic exercise has been found to lower blood pressure by an average of 10 mmHg in both systolic ..&.. diastolic measures ..while at the same time improvements in blood lipid profile.. &.. insulin sensitivity it also improves endothelial function.. platelet activation .. &.. the inflammatory response for individuals in stage 1-hypertension..