Naturopathic Physician Questions Sleep Apnea

I don't sleep well, Any help?

I am a woman who is going through menopause. I can't sleep! I am so tired all the time. Is there any natural remedy that can help me? I don't want to take sleeping pills.

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Yes, there are many ways to help you naturally to help you to sleep better.
I work with many women going thru menopause. The best natural approach to sleep issues may just be by taking the natural hormone progesterone in a compounded form, usually orally. Find a doctor trained in Bioidentical hormone replacement and have them assess your hormone balance. Progesterone in its natural form, taken in the evening at the right dose can do wonders for a women’s sleep. And yes there are other natural approaches such as melatonin, hops, valerian, green tea extract among others. Meditation, acupuncture, and various relaxation techniques can also help.
Yes there is!

A very good friend and professor of mine shared with me a list of plants that have been used to improve the quality of sleep for ages; Linden blossoms, Scullcap, and Passionflower. They empower our quality of sleep and highly reduce stress and anxiety to promote a healthy rest.

Simply measure a up to a tablespoon of each and take daily
There are quite a few natural remedies that would help. However, not being able to sleep can be a cause for other underlining conditions. For example, hormone changes can cause a disruption in your sleep. While you are going through menopause, your local naturopathic physician can help with hormone and sleep support supplements.
La naturaleza nos provee de muchas alternativas que nos pueden ayudar en este tema, pero , como cada organismo es diferente hay que hacer una valoración de su situación real, sí su falta de sueño es por cuestiones del climaterio, o por condiciones nerviosas, o nutricionales, llegando a definir bien la causa real podremos recomendar lo que realmente necesita, podría decirle de plantas como la valeriana, pasiflora etc pero si no es lo que necesita, no va a sentir mejoría notoria, hay que hacer una valoración primero y si, si hay remedio que nos ayude a su situación de salud, saludos
There are many remedies to help with sleep, especially for menopause. I typically do not prescribe sleeping pills since they have unwanted side effects. Getting some blood work done would be the most prudent thing to do first. Go ahead and give my office a call and we can get started. 480.361.4005
Hello.. thank you for contacting me.. I hope you have not been waiting long .. I came across your question last evening.. &.. so we will get right to it..

Let's begin with some Education.. if you don't mind..

Named for the position below the thalamus.. we have the hypothalamus.. like the thalamus.. the hypothalamus has many functions.. &.. acting with other regions of the brain one of its functions is to regulate our sleep.. &.. wake cycles..

Meaning.. Setting the timing for our sleep-cycle..
in response to daylight.. & ..darkness cues... received from our visual pathways..

Hypothalamic disturbances can cause a number of disorders including severe body wasting .. obesity .. sleep disturbances .. dehydration .. &.. emotional imbalances..

The Pineal Gland.. secretes the hormone .. which is.. Melatonin.. which is a sleep-inducing-signal ..&.. powerful antioxidant..

The production of melatonin increases as light fades .. &.. peaks at night .. during the darkness ..

The Pineal gland directly .. receives input from your visual pathways .. meaning.. your eyes.. concerning the intensity.. & .. the duration of the daylight..

Exposure to bright-light .. Suppresses .. the secretion of melatonin.. &.. Can Reset.. your biological clock .. timing .. please take into account.. your evening lighting.. phones.. tablets.. computer.. television.. as the lights can cause disturbances..

The result in the change in the melatonin levels causes the alteration of physiological processes.. meaning functioning processes .. such as .. body temperature .. sleep & appetite..

Okay so what to do..
Tart Montmorency cherry juice concentrate is reported to contain high levels of phytochemicals including .. melatonin.. the Hormone which is critical in regulating the sleep-wake cycles..

data suggests that the consumption of a tart cherry juice concentrate provides an increase in melatonin .. &.. is beneficial in improving sleep duration.. &.. quality in healthy men & women .. this may help the management of your disturbed sleep...

Also.. including the whole .. fruit .. within your diet .. would be a wonderful snack/addition to meals.. as to increase melatonin levels..

The precursor .. to melatonin is serotonin.. a neurotransmitter that .. is derived from the amino acid tryptophan...

5- hydroxy tryptophan.. 5HTP.. is very similar to tryptophan.. &.. does not cause unpleasant side effects such as dry mouth.. or.. loss of libido .. 5HTP has been found to alleviate depression ..&.. function as a sleep aid .. also .. has been shown to help suppress appetite..

The majority of insomnia is due to a calcium deficiency .. Calcium is required for the utilization of tryptophan to make serotonin.. which in turn makes melatonin... illuminate anything from your diet that interferes with calcium absorption.. caffeine .. carbonated drinks.. excess sugars..

The herbal approach to insomnia can include.. Valerian.. tea or powder.. 30 minutes before bed

Lavender oil has a mild sedative effect when added as bath oil .. on bedclothes.. or.. use as a massage oil..

Passion flower tea.. powdered herb.. has long been known for the sedative properties..

Chamomile tea ..has a long history as well as for bedtime..

I hope this helps enjoy your day
Not getting adequate sleep can negatively affect your health in so many ways.

There is a multitude of possibilities to discus with your physician to clear heat that may include: bio-identical hormones replacement, flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, black cohosh, a phytoestrogen that clears heat or amino acids, that act like inhibitory neurotransmitter to raise GABA and serotonin generally taken at bedtime.

A lot depends on your health history and history of cancer and family history if bioidentical hormones can be used or all natural alternatives are best. Have a in-depth discussion with your doctor to determine the best possible option. Your sleep is vital!
The answer to your question is not necessarily as simple as it appears without knowing more about you underlying medical problems. My recommendations would be to follow up with a local sleep specialist so you can be fully assessed and appropriately treated.

Thank you for your question. There seems to be a misconception about something called the naturalistic fallacy. Essentially, many people are misinformed that if it is “natural”, it must be good for you. Some natural supplements used to promote sleep are still psychoactive in the same way a pill is. However, poison ivy is “natural”.

From your description of your symptoms, I do not think sleep medications would be indicated. When post menopausal, it is typically normal to experience this. A consult with your family physician about estrogen may be very helpful