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I have a bulging bone just below my toe. What could it be?

I have a bulging bone that hurts on friction just below my toe. What could it be?

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More than likely it is an arthritic spur or bony overgrowth. It’s not usually dangerous but can cause pain. I recommend you see a Podiatrist or Foot and Ankle Othropedist in your area for definitive treatment. More than likely the procedure would be a minor outpatient surgery.
If you have a bulging bone that hurts on friction just below your toe then you can try to offload using over the counter pad. I would strongly advise you to go see foot and ankle surgeon for bulging bone. You might need surgery to removal bulging bone below your toe.
Sesamoid bone.
This bulge may represent many things from a misaligned bone to new growth of bone or soft tissue. Given that you have identified this presentation and it is clearly creating symptoms of pain, this should be evaluated by an appropriate specialist. At the least some type of imaging should be considered. Initially x-rays are obtained but if these do not suggest derangement of bone or joint other forms of imaging can be considered to include musculoskeletal ultrasound and MRI.
The most common cause, if you haven’t had any trauma, is a flat foot with a clawing toe resulting in a subluxed metatarsophalangeal joint resulting in a pressure point.
It's probably a bone spur. Get a Dr. Scholl's pad so it doesn't rub on your shoe.

Hope it helps!

Dr. Bose
Yes. Flat feet are more likely to develop Bunions. Heredity plays a very big role in Bunions. Bunion on one foot can be due to a short limb.
Hello and thank your for your question. Normally when patients complain of a painful lesion on the toe it is either a corn or callus most commonly which occurs secondary to a hammertoe deformity. I recommend you see a podiatrist for a complete workup. Thank you for your question and good luck to you.
This could be a bone spur or some type of bone growth. I would recommend an X-ray and have the area examined.

Jonathan M. Kletz, DPM
Maybe it's a microfracture or an exostosis (extra bone). Could be the bones have subluxed. Please make an appointment to take X-rays and identify the cause of pain.