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I have blood in my urine?

I recently passed a small amount of blood in urine, it has happened before, about six years ago. all tests came back negative, dr. claimed it to be an infection that cleared itself up without any meds or long-term damage as he did not find anything through cystoscope or MRI with dye and without. Before it just happened I am having lower back pain from I believe from bending over pulling weeds for the last three months before planting grass seed this yr. the pain started a week ago. My urine was fine, no blood, I was making supper when the to urinate hit me, with no real control at my age, 58, I pinched myself off, knowing I cannot get to the bathroom in time and not wanting to urinate all over myself. I moved as quickly as a man with back pain that is most excruciating, upon relieving myself I noticed blood in my urine, next time a small clot. I'm almost positive now this is cause now and six years ago. What can I take vitamin-wise or over the counter that can help without limiting my liquid intake per day, 60oz. water no sugar, not diabetic, obese, not morbid, not very active in 2 years. I'm vaccinated with Moderna two doses in Feb. 2021.

Male | 58 years old
Medications: asprin
Conditions: blood urine

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Need to rule out kidney stone. Kidney ultrasound or CT kidney with stone protocol will aid in the diagnosis. Also check urine analysis and renal function. If blood in the urine persists, you should see a urologist to look in to your bladder again, esp considering your age.
Although you had an evaluation 6 years ago, at your age, you need to see a urologist and have a new exam and a CT scan.
So, a few things: Six years ago was six years ago. You need to repeat all of the above testing. So, you need a cystoscopy, CT urogram, and a urine culture and cytology. Personally, I think you may have passed a small stone and that would explain the back pain, the urge to urinate uncontrollably, and the blood. Unfortunately, that is a guess and therefore, you should repeat your work-up.

Dr. Niko Lailas
Given it has been six years since you were last investigated for visible blood in the urine, I would recommend you see your doctor to discuss the pros and cons of repeating the investigations at this time.
Honestly, this sounds like a urinary tract infection. Can you go to a primary care doctor and send a urine culture off to make sure? I agree with 2L per day of fluids in the meantime.

Namrata Sharma Goel, M.D.