Psychologist Questions Thyroid Diseases

I have extreme mood swings.. Could it be due to my thyroid levels?

I am suddenly feeling very tired and fatigued. I am also having severe mood swings which according to me is due to my increased thyroid levels. Could there be a relation between the two?

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It is always helpful to rule out a medical condition. Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism are good examples of medical conditions that can mimic symptoms of depression, anxiety or mania. Once you have treated any underlying medical condition, you can consider whether or not you need additional help from a mental health professional.
Deficiency or changes with thyroid certainly can contribute to mood changes and at times mood swings. However, mood swings can be caused by a variety of psychological and biological reasons. I suggest you get checked out initially by endocrinologist and then by a mental health professional to rule out different causes.
It is a possibility. I would consult with an endrocronolgist who can run tests on your thyroid and would further follow up with a psychologist.

Hormones do affect mood. See a medical doctor to rule this out.
You first must get a complete medical check-up from an MD. Following the results, seek a psychological assessment on your mental and emotional health.

Dr. Claire, PSY. D.
Please see an endocrinologist to get your thyroid checked. A low thyroid can cause extreme fatigue, which may be accompanied by symptoms of depression. High thryroid levels cause bursts of energy and increased appetite accompanied by weight loss. In either case, you should seek treatment by a specialist. Your mood swings could be related to your thyroid, but you should seek the aid of a therapist to treat your depression.
Most certainly. There could also be an additional interaction between thyroid levels and female or male hormones. I’d suggest getting my thyroid checked.

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Abnormal thyroid levels can certainly have an impact on mood. I would encourage you to see your medical provider to address that issue and he/she can also help you determine whether additional mental health treatment is needed.
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a licensed Psychologist and not a medical Dr. Have you undergone lab tests, physical exam with a Primary care Dr.?  A psychiatric diagnostic evaluation with a Psychologist and/or a Psychiatrist?
Sometimes, people have a mood disorder due to a medical condition, e.g. hypothyroidism. Did you inform the Dr. who had ordered the blood test for thyroid level about the mood swings and fatigue and tiredness? What was their recommendation? Sometimes, there may be a combination of mood disorder and physical problems such as anemia causing tiredness, so my recommendation is to seek professional help for both physical and mental health.
Take care.
Dr. Sonpal
Yes, it could and you might want to get that checked. Thyroid issues are always overlooked.
Thyroid issues can certainly contribute to changes in mood. It's most important to communicate these mood swings to your doctor who is treating and monitoring your thyroid issues.
Thank you for your question. Hyperthyroidism can cause anxiety, irritability and mood swings, while hypothyroidism can cause mental slowing and memory problems as well as depression.