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I have really bad acne scarring- will PRP Facial help get rid of it?

I was recommended this treatment by a friend who said it helped with scarring- how are the results for acne scars and how many treatments do you typically need to see results?

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The jury is still out on the value of PRP , and it is expensive (at $800-1000/treatment in Manhattan). I prefer relatively inexpensive, but time-tested proven techniques, such subcision for rolling and boxcar scars; TCA CROSS for ice pick scars. With subcision, a small blood pocket is created under the skin-in this way naturally, providing the growth factors and wound healing factors from the patient's own blood without the added expense of the PRP. Good luck.
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Acne scarring can be helped with the combination of microneedling, radiofrequency Infini or Rejuvapen, and PRFM. PRFM (Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix) boost post treatment healing process plus enhances the treatment outcome. The treatments mentioned are recommended in a series, usually a minimum of 2-3, 30 days apart for best results. We have multiple treatments and procedures which we offer for acne scarring and most often we recommend a combination of different, but complementary treatments. Acne scars can be deep rolling saucer like scars, scars with jagged and irregular edges, and ice pick scars to mention a few. As the nature of scarring and scarring pattern is individually unique, so is the recommended treatment.

The best means of addressing each case scenario is through a cosmetic consult with the physician. It is in this environment that a patient specific care plan can be outlined in detail.

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Lane Gatlin, Cosmetic Consultant
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PRP can help but it's only a small part of treating acne scars. The consultation should identify the types of acne scars each different patient has, and taylor the treatments to those. For example, rolling scars need Subcision and sometimes Microneedling; ice pick scars CROSS, box scars Resurfacing with either ablative lasers, or chemical peels, atrophied scars need fillers and hypertrophic scars need Intralesional medications. PRP is used either with Microneedling or with fillers. Hope this helps. Dr Rullan
Prp alone is not enough. It needs to be combined with other modalities such as Laser, microneedling or radiofrequency resurfacing. Since acne scars go deep, into the dermis multiple treatments are necessary to achieve the best results.

Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg, DO, FAOCD
Any treatment that builds collagen in the skin will help with scarring, including the PRP facial. However, the type of acne scar makes a difference. The so-called "ice pick" type scars are more difficult to improve. You will need many PRP treatments to see improvement. I feel the degree of discomfort and the financial investment required to get minimal results make this treatment less than optimal. Your best bet may be an ablative laser treatment. A single treatment with an ablative laser should get you strong results.
PRP with micro-needling can certainly help improve acne scarring. We have one at our office if you are interested.
A PRP facial is typically microneedling while using platelet rich plasma. Microneedling alone has been proven to help some acne scarring while addition of PRP seems to further improve the results with this type of treatment. Deep pitted acne scars (ice-pick scar) may not improve as much as more shallow scars. My patients notice improvement after one treatment but the best results are usually seen after about 3 treatments.
I don’t think prp is very effective for acne scarring. I think C02 laser, fraxel laser or some injectable fillers are much better for acne scarring.
Howard Sobel MD
PRP would help when done with microneedling. We also use Genesis laser to treat acne scars.
Acne scarring can definitely be improved with microneedling
with PRP. It is very dependent on the administrator
of the procedure. There are a lot of elements that
are involved. The depth of the microneedling, number
of passes, platelet concentration, etc. That being said
it can be a very effective treatment for scarring in all
skin types. Generally, 3-6 treatments are needed.

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Sapna Palep, MD
Spring Street Dermatology
It can if combined with fillers, needling or with other cosmetic procedures.
Without looking at a photograph, it is difficult to give you an expert opinion. If you are the right candidate, PRP with microneedling could be one of your options.