Physiatrist (Physical Medicine) Questions Urination

I have to get up to pee throughout the night and it interrupts my sleep. Is something wrong?

I can't get a good night's sleep anymore because I have to get up to pee multiple times during the night. Is there something wrong?

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Depends on age and rest of health. It may be normal once or twice if you are a big fluid drinker, but it would make sense to talk to your primary doc and a urologist. If it’s disruptive to sleep, it needs to be addressed.

Don’t know your age or sex, so the answer would vary. See your local doc for sure, but try drinking nothing after dinner and avoid caffeine after early afternoon.
A lot of the times this is an age related issue pertaining to your prostate (for men) or pelvic floor (for women), but at times, this can be a sign for lumbar/spine issues. I would discuss these symptoms with your PCP, and if their treatment fails to help, then seeing a spine specialist to make sure there isn't anything going on there as well.
There are lots of reasons. Firstly I do not know your age. Prostate can be a problem but also are your drinking lots of fluids priory to bed time. Try not to drink after 6 pm However I have no medical history so difficult to ascertain. Age any medications stress prior kidney history. If in doubt go to a urologist and get a scan of your kidneys and bladder plus a urinary sample to rule out any infection diabetes. also check your prostate. Certain medications make you urinate more blood pressure meds do this
Hi there. This issue I would discuss with your primary care physician, get checked out and have some testing done. You want to rule out serious conditions such as an infection or diabetes.
It would be helpful to know any past history, age, and gender.
As we don't know your sex, I assume u r man and it's most common problem after 50 or so. May worse as you get older due to mostly benign prostatic hypertrophy. Prostate enlarge as age increases. Go to urologist- doctor for care of prostate. Drink no water after 6 PM. Infection after blockage of urethra is possible, doc can help very well. Once treated well, no problem. Prostate can be shrinked, CEALIS 5 mgms daily plus FLOMAX 0.4 mgms at bed time can help. Orange juice, cranberry juice gives vit C, can help, but pl go to see doctor soon. God bless you. In China, 5000 years old saying is--- Most Pleasurable experience for a man, after 50 years of age, is evacuation of bladder.
How old are you? Suggest you to see primary care first to have urine analysis. Common problem from infection, diabetes, endocrine problem, just list of few. You need to seek medical help.

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