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I missed my period?

I had an abortion last year and honestly haven't felt myself. I still feel pregnancy symptoms even though it's been like 7 months later. The nature of the abortion was through pills and I also flushed out the rpoc with the pills. I've taken multiple pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to know what the problem is and recently they told me that I was fine and just needed antibiotics for a urine infection. I've seen my period since the abortion but this month I missed it and I haven't been in contact with anyone sexually since then. This is too confusing for me and even the doctors I've met. Have I been pregnant all this while? Sometimes I get so bloated and my stomach feels hard. I have nausea and all and now my period stopped coming? I'm really scared because I don't want to keep it and now it would be 7 months and that's too late. I'm turning 20 years old and I need your help, please. Nothing showed in the ultrasound I did like a week ago but the pregnancy test showed a really faint line which means hormones are still there. Does missing my period have to do with me still being pregnant considering I never felt the symptoms go away? Please help me.

Female | 20 years old
Complaint duration: Months
Medications: Misoprostol, flagyl, lexoflaxine
Conditions: Abortion

1 Answer

So sorry about your distress. It might be a better idea to seek immediate help with Ob-Gyn. Consulting directly with a mental health provider near you would also be of greater help.

Wishing you all the best.