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I think I broke or sprained my foot

I dropped a candle on it and now it’s taking out. I’m not sure if it’s a bone or swelling.

Female | 18 years old
Complaint duration: Todsy
Medications: Vyvance

11 Answers

Best way to see if anything is broken is a simple xray
It's hard to tell without an x-ray, but it appears to be a bruise or hematoma. Ice, compression and rear should help. If your symptoms do not improve over the next few days, you may want to consider having it evaluated and getting an xray
The injury that your foot may have sustained is called a possible a "contusion injury or fracture. The is sometimes results in the bruising of the soft tissue and bone in the affected area(s) where the injury has occurred. You probably should get the affected foot X-rayed to rule out a possible stress or complete fracture of the affected foot. You can continue to apply an ice pack not directly onto the skin but at the affected area(s) for the treatment of pain and inflammation. Pain management: Tylenol 325mg over the counter medication may help in the treatment of pain and inflammation. The injured areas may take some time to heal. Seek the professional care of a foot specialist or podiatrist or even your primary care provider can order some X-rays of the affected foot if you are still experiencing some pain and discomfort.
We won't be able to tell if it is broken or not until we take an x-ray.
An x-ray would be diagnostic
Is it hurting when you sleep or are off your feet Can you be on your feet and normally active?
Rest elevate your legs and apply an ace bandage
Consider an Urgrnt Care if things don’t rapidly improve
Hi! I would make an appointment to see a podiatrist for further evaluation. There is visible swelling in the picture.
You need to get an X-ray
I recommend you make an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment options
I would proceed to an orthopedic urgent care facility or a podiatrist who can see you immediately to have it evaluated.
The way to determine if your foot is broken or fractured is to obtain a series of x-rays. Once the extent of the injury is evaluated, the proper treatment can be recommended.
You should have the foot x-rayed to insure you do not have a fracture, and an proper evaluation by a medical professional.