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Immunosuppressed and stuck at home?

My husband was recently diagnosed with lupus. He is on hydroxychloroquine and CellCept which I understand makes him more vulnerable to infections including covid. We have remained in isolation at home since the very beginning of the pandemic. We have two elementary-aged children who have been attending virtual classes. We both work from home. We are both vaccinated. The children are too young to be vaccinated. It is time to make a decision about school next year for the kids. My husband wants to keep them home again. This makes working nearly impossible. How vulnerable is my husband? I believe my kids need to go back to school, but he is very afraid to do so and worried about the severe consequences if he catches Covid from them. How important to my husband’s health is it that we keep the kids home? They have not seen friends and extended family in over a year. Thank you.

Male | 46 years old
Medications: Hydroxychloroquine, cellcept
Conditions: Lupus

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Thank you for your question. Although we know that immunosuppressive medications and lupus increase risk of infection, the benefit vs. risk ratio for your family of getting back into the world is a personal decision that each family unit has to make on their own. It is recommended to receive the vaccine, which you and your husband have done. Studies are ongoing for vaccines in our pediatric population and will hopefully be done by end of summer/start of school year. Your question is a tough one with no easy answer.
I wish you the best of luck!

Best regards,

Dr. Brionez