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High platelet count

I had a high platelet count the last time at the doctors. I heard about thrive vitamins to help with energy. I wanted to take them since I have low muscle tone. Will it effect...

My daughter has a persistant fever. What should I do?

My daughter has been having persisting fevers. She was tested for some infectious diseases and malaria but they are negative. When should the next test be?

Can my body reject a platelet transfusion?

I need a platelet transfusion. Are there chances that my body would reject this? What reactions could occur?

What is ideal to put in a bath for a bed ridden patient?

My mother is bed ridden and we are taking care of her at home. What antiseptic is ideal to put in her bath water to ensure she is infection free?

Why does my son get a cold after playing in the sun?

My son always seems to get a cold after he is outside all day in the sun. What could cause this?

How are white blood cells reduced?

My son's blood test report indicates an elevated level of WBCs. Is there a way to reduce this number?

What should I take incase of a common cold and flu?

Do I need to take medicines incase of a common cold and flu or should I wait for it to settle on its own?

Is shivering with a high fever normal?

I have high fever and am feeling very cold, hot and then start shivering. Is the fever making me shake? Is it normal?

Low grade fever for long time

One of my aunt's is suffering form low grade fever for a long time (around 30 days ). When the medication is going on, there is no sign of fever but when the medication is stopped...

What could be the reason for my mouth ulcers?

I keep getting mouth ulcers. They hurt a lot and its becoming difficult to eat and drink due to the pain. What could be the reason for their repeated occurrence?

Do you specialize in treating symptoms of the flu?

Are physician assistants specialized in treating flu-like symptoms? I know I'm coming down with something, and I want to get this treated fast.

Can you really get the flu from the flu shot?

Every time my sister gets the flu shot, she gets a bad cold and says it gives her the flu. Is there any truth to this myth?

Is Chyawanprash helpful in building immunity of the little ones?

Can I give my son chyawanprash everyday to help build his immunity?

What can I do about feeling weak after having the flu?

I had the flu, which has left me feeling extremely weak. What can I do to regain my strength and energy?

How can I prevent my child from getting Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease?

My 2 year old daughter goes to daycare, and I've been told a few children in the school have HFMD. I unfortunately have no choice but to bring her to daycare because of my job....

My son gets sick every time he gets the flu shot. Is it necessary for him to get one?

Every time my 8 year old son gets a flu shot, he ends up getting sick. Is it completely necessary for a child his age to get one yearly?

What is the platelet count for which a dengue test is recommended?

My daughter has had a continuous fever, so we got her CBC test done. Her doctor said that her platelet count is normal so there is no need for a dengue test. What is the platelet...

I am planning a trip to Central Africa. Are there any vaccinations I need before traveling?

I am planning a trip to Central Africa, and will be leaving in a month. Are there any vaccinations I need before traveling?

Platelet disorders run in my family. Should I be worried about my daughter?

My mom and my grandma both suffered from platelet storage pool disease. What can I do to protect my daughter?

My son's leukocyte count is high. What does it mean?

A recent blood test indicated that my son's leukocyte count is quite high. What does it mean? Should I be worried about this?

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