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Infected tooth?

I have an infected upper second molar. I was put on antibiotics 3 days ago. I had some swelling in the lower cheek (above the upper second molar). The pain and swelling have gone away and I am feeling much better. However, there is slight swelling on my jawline that I had not noticed before or as a result of the lymphatic system bringing the swelling down closer to the neck? I do have an appointment scheduled with my dentist next week. Again, no redness or pain just a small swell on the jawline on the same side as the infected upper molar. Everything else is definitely healing up. Wondering your thoughts? I started taking 300 mg of Clindamycin every 6 hours on Saturday.

Male | 53 years old
Complaint duration: 1 day
Medications: Clindamycin
Conditions: none

4 Answers

You may want to apply warm compresses to the area of concern. Do that 3-4 times per day.
Antibiotics have no effect on the interior of a tooth that has a pulpal infection. The only effective treatment for this is extraction or surgical or nonsurgical root canal. Antibiotics can help keep the
infection from spreading to surrounding tissues for a limited time. For a periodontal infection, antibiotics are effective, but the local factors (calculus or other) need to be sufficiently removed. Prompt
treatment is more effective than waiting.
This needs to be evaluated clinically and X-rays have to be taken for establishing the diagnosis.
The infection is taking the path of least resistance. Continue your prescribed antibiotics until they are gone. If, the swelling crosses the inferior boarder of the mandible it can deviate your "windpipe", if you have ANY difficulty breathing you should report IMMEDIATELY to the emergency room. Your description makes me think you could have an issue with one of your lower teeth on that same side. Did the doctor check those teeth?