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Infection on the head and scalp?

I have had these sore-looking places coming up on my head for 7 years now been to a dermatologist they say it's in my head and don't even take a sample or touch it. It starts out as a sore to the touch it gets hard and forms little lines around it like a barrier and turns pigment darker. Once you scrap over it white then see-through with a black dot in it sometimes just pops out. It itches, hurts, and feels like it's taking over my scalp at times it seems to cause more places and leaves some hair loss and scarring.

Male | 51 years old
Complaint duration: 7 years
Medications: none
Conditions: chf

1 Answer

I suggest you have a biopsy and/or culture to determine the cause.

Debra L. Bailey, MD, FAAD