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Inner thigh hurts when walking fast

I try to walk a lot for exercise. But more often than not, my inner thigh on my right side feels strained when I step forward with that leg. This doesn't happen when I walk at a normal pace. What is happening?

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It needs a work up study. If everything is okay, then strengthening exercises are helpful.
This may well be caused by a labral tear
Thank you for the question. The concern you are describing seems to be associated with the muscles and tendons in your thigh. Many times this can be improved with physical therapy, but an in person evaluation would be need to give you a definitive answer to your question.
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Paul J Cagle, MD
It's hard to tell, but you may be overloading your hip flexor (iliopsoas). Typically core strengthening will help dramatically as will stretching like Cobra poses. Try this link.

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Could represent hip joint pain, emanating from groin to anteromedial thigh with activity. Deserves an x-ray. Until then, consider preemptive NSAID such as ibuprofen (Advil) or Aleve at over the counter dosing before activity.

Difficult to say what it is. I would try stretches and work on abdominal back and core strength exercises.
This sounds like a tendon/muscular pain issue. It may be the adductor or hamstring tendon that attaches to the inner portion of the thigh is too tight to run. When longer strides are used, the tendon may not be able to make the stretch and causes pain. Generally, a physical therapist can help improve this function.
Most likely, it is some early arthritis of the hip which is exacerbated by extremes of motion with long strides. You should obtain x-rays of your hips and pelvis to evaluate.
Need exam maybe xray. Physical therapy; change activity
MRI lower back
It could be that the extra effort in walking is taxing the medial hamstrings or adductor tendons a little more , so this is either a tendinitis issue or it may be a little nerve root irritation related to S1 root (1st sacral) , first try stretching the inner thighs and see if it makes a difference
It is hard to tell without a formal history and physical. There are several muscles in the inner thigh (adductor compartment and medial hamstrings) that can develop tendinitis. A good initial approach would be to perform stretching of these areas as part of a knee strengthening program. If symptoms persist then a medical evaluation should be performed.
This possibly could be a strain vs. early signs of arthritis. An XR and an evaluation can help clarify the cause of this pain. please go to www.MichaelLimMD.com to schedule an appointment.
It sounds like possibly tendinitis of the adductor tendons. A history and physics cal exam with X-rays will probably delineate the cause. You may try pre work out stretching with focus on the quadriceps tendon and adductor tendons. Many good exercises can be downloaded off the internet. Hope this helps.
Depending the age of patient pain in hip is due to arthritis in mid old age group. Quite often the pain is coming from pinched nerve from lumbar spine. One has to rule out local causes like hernia
This is likely a strain of your gracious.
Pain in the inner thigh can be caused by many reasons that might be irritated by increased activity. Some of these would be tendinitis, bursitis, hip arthritis, or even a back issue with nerve irritation. You might consider an evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon.
Your muscles could be fatigued or overused. If you are under the age of 15, you may want to consider having an X-ray done. Otherwise, rest, ice, and don't overwork yourself.
Probably a strained muscle. Reduce walking speed and duration. Gradually increase after 2 weeks.
This can be due to several factors. More has to be known about the history of that hip/area. Any past trauma to it? Does it come and go, or once it comes, does it stay around? If so, for how long? I would recommend a series of controlled and complete stretching and flexibility exercises for the hip(s). These should be done daily for 2-3 weeks, and then you can walk at an increased pace (step-wise, begin with a slower pace and progress, as tolerated, to a faster pace). Pop-doc.com has these exercise suggestions.
Sounds like you may have one of two things going on, could be a groin pull or it could be related to hip arthritis. As the hip joint is in the groin area, often times hip arthritis presents as groin pain.
This is probably due to a muscular strain. Try spending extra time stretching and build up your pace slowly.