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Is Invisalign effective for crowded teeth?

I have crowded teeth and want to treat them. Is Invisalign effective for crowded teeth?

4 Answers

Yes, Invisalign is very effective for aligning crowded teeth, but make sure you have good supervision with a highly qualified dentist monitoring and doing appropriate treatment to assist the aligner therapy. It works less well without that.
Yes, most people seek braces due to crowding. Invisalign has been around over 20 year and has evolved tremendously even on extreme crowding cases
Invisalign is a good and luxury treatment option for teeth straightening. However, it has limitations to certain types of teeth alignment. Any dentist or orthodontist who offers both types of treatment, would be able to suggest you if Invisalign can treat the oral teeth condition or braces.
Yes, it is very effective. We've completed many cases that involved crowded teeth.