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Is it a panic attack?

Well, there has been some stuff that keeps repeating for example yesterday. I felt like I had a breakdown but then I started shaking, got dizzy, started almost panicking, and kept saying the same thing again and again. For a moment I thought I couldn’t breathe anymore I was just shaking and very dizzy. After I got calmer I was still shaking a bit and still wouldn’t stop crying. And I’m just confused about what that was? Because that happened not once but quite a lot. Even when I was younger. But then it wouldn’t be that bad I would just start shaking and would have trouble breathing.

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It could be a panic attack, they can have triggers or seen as if they
happen out of the blue. A hallmark feature is having feelings of dread,
like something bad was going to happen.
Sounds very very scary! I would strongly encourage you to list all of the details of your experience during these episodes including all of your thoughts, emotions, and physical feelings. But also try to understand if there are any particular triggers and anything that might help you feel better. If you talk directly with a psychiatrist about your personal experiences especially with a detailed sequence of events, the psychiatrist can help your understanding about what may be at the root of the issue, how to medically evaluate it, and ultimately come up with some very effective and efficient approaches to making things much much better! They getting a consultation with a psychiatrist, you are truly investing in your quality of life and definitely improving your future! Lots and lots and lots of hope! Get a consultation today so you can immediately get relief and have an even greater opportunity to enjoy your future sym symptom-free!

Lance Steinberg MD, Inc.
Assistant Clinical Professor
UCLA (Geffen) NPI
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It certainly sounds like you are having panic attacks.