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Is it normal to have bad breath after a tooth extraction?

I had a tooth extraction yesterday. I have bad breath. Is it normal to have bad breath after a tooth extraction?

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Yes, it is. Your breath will return to normal after the socket has healed.
Yes. It is a fairly common occurrence to have an increase in halitosis during the initial phase of surgical wound healing. Make sure to keep up with oral hygiene as instructed by your treating surgeon this healing time to keep the oral cavity as clean as usual. Obviously being cautious around the surgical site and when gently swishing and spitting starting 24 hours post extraction (tooth removal). As always finish brushing with the tongue as far back as you can get and if using mouth wash avoid alcohol base. Those increase Halitosis(bad breath) and can contribute to breakdown of the wound clot increasing chance of a dry socket.
That shouldn’t be the case unless something has gotten down inside the socket. Make sure the kept the area clean and food isn’t getting in there and staying.

Dr. Laurentis Barnett
Yes, this can happen for a while during healing.