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Is it possible for my braces to become loose?

My braces don't feel as tight as they were before. Is it possible to loosen them? What should I do?

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See your orthodontist about your braces.
Yes, it will be best to go back to your orthodontist. It may be time to change the wires or remove them.
Braces can come loose. The brackets are bonded to the teeth, and if these become debonded there will be a loose feeling.
Secondly, braces are moving your teeth around. Initially they will feel tight, but as the teeth move to the desired position the rubber bands will relax and create a loose feeling as well.
When in doubt, visit your treating orthodontist for evaluation.
If they are loose, you will probably feel some movement in the brackets. Teeth will feel tight when braces are first adjusted, but as the teeth move, the tightness will go away.
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Typical reason braces become loose is one of two things they were either improperly applied or you're not following your orthodontists correction rules. Breaking the cement by eating the wrong Foods is probably the most prevalent cause of loose attachments blues bands this also affects the Seal of the tooth and the attachment there on and exposes you to possibly cavities when your braces come off. Call your orthodontists to have is broken reattached