Allergist and Immunologist Questions Lactose Intolerance

Is lactose intolerance treatable?

My son is 12 years old and has been suffering from lactose intolerance since birth. Is it a problem for life or can it ever be treated?

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Unfortunately, there is no definitive treatment, only ways to manage the symptoms. Lactaid tabs can be tried but in my experience are not very helpful or effective. Avoidance of concentrated dairy is the only way to prevent the symptoms from occurring. Some patients find goat or sheep's milk easier to digest and it is better tolerated, but everyone is different so unless you try it, there is no way to predict it. 


Monika Korff, MD
Lactose intolerance is the absence of the enzyme lactase. It can be managed easily by taking lactase tablets before meals containing milk. There are also specially treated milk products available. It most likely will be a life-long condition which one has to be aware of and easily manage.
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I am a registered dietitian - from my experience and knowledge, lactose intolerance is not something treated, however, you can begin taking probiotics as this has been associated with helping over time.