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Is the shots going to be sore before 7 days?

I went to pediatric associates and got 4 shots blood drawn and a check-up the blood draw was very very very very PAINFUL! And 7 days later I have soreness on the site where they poke me.

Female | 11 years old
Complaint duration: 5septmber

2 Answers

I am sorry you are still sore, but with time, the discomfort will resolve. You should be sharing this with your parents and care providers and they will decide if you need a check-up for this. 

Monika Korff, MD
Intradermal allergy tests (shots) may remain swollen and sore up to a few weeks. In case these shots were vaccinations, it’s also possible to have a prolonged reaction. No treatment required. In case of severe pain, analgesics like Tylenol or Advil could be taken.
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