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Is there an alternative to gum grafting?

I need to have gum graft surgery, but I am afraid. Is there an alternative to gum grafting surgery?

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It is your mouth, you always have a choice ;~}
Grafting of gum tissue is done to give teeth a healthy more durable support system over time. If it is needed and not done, the related tooth (teeth) simply remain at greater risk. Your job as a responsible tooth owner is to keep your gums and teeth infection free, with and without surgical assistance. Your doctor can help make them more maintainable, but only you can keep them infection free. Your health: diet, disease, hygiene, sleep, exercise, stress, habits (esp smoking!) does play significant roles. With fragile gums, brushing and flossing is often more of a challenge. Irrigating the gum lines with a HydroFloss or WaterPik (little pressure washers) may be your most effective maintenance. Use something in the water to break up the least salt, salt/soda, or a clinically proven essential oil mix.
We only get one body. Take care of it. Bone grafts and implants are amazing options for a second chance, they work, but are not less intimidating than a simple gum graft.
Good luck !

It’s your choice but the procedure works 93% of the time