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Is this normal?

I have two voices in my head that talk ONLY to each other. There's a third presence that they talk to but he never speaks. They call him Tony. I also see Tony sometimes, he makes his appearance known quite often by standing in my doorway or my room. I also sometimes think my thoughts are able to be heard by others and sometimes my thoughts aren't my own but Tony's. Am I crazy?

Male | 20 years old
Complaint duration: Months

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Bottom line - no
See this link...,there's%20usually%20an%20identifiable%20cause.
I don't think you are "crazy", which is not a medical term. I do think you should find a Psychiatrist (MD) and get a comprehensive exam and family history and medical exam. Goggle a TOPDOC in your area that takes your insurance. If uninsured, you can call your county medical mental health clinic for a free exam.
Have you asked those close to you confirm or deny hearing those voices too? Voices you hear that others do not may be akin to auditory hallucinations. You should fully consult a mental health professional in person to rule out auditory perceptual distortions and their possible causes such as short-term/long-term hallucinogenic abuse, traumatic head injury, or other cause associated with prodromal schizophrenia, mania, schizoaffective disorder.
This does not sound normal to me. Please get assessed by your doctor as early as possible.


You have something going on that needs some intervention. A good thing to do is to speak to your doctor who can find a psychologist to give you some paper and pencil tests. Also you might be sent for an MRI, to figure out why you are seeing and hearing entities that are not literally there.then they will know what to do for them!
Glad you reached out for help at your young age!


Dr. Marian Shapiro
You need to see a psychiatrist.