Psychologist Questions Bipolar Disorder

Lamictal Bipolar I

I've been on Lamictal 3mths. For Bipolar. I don't believe I have it. I do have anxiety and depression. Lamictal is making me feel more anxious and fearful. I feel I have at least 5 side effects from it. No rash. Headache, Irritated, anxiety,hyper, can't rest or sleep. Basically I'm scared to death to take it. My anxiety is coming from the thought of taking it!.

Female | 63 years old
Complaint duration: ?
Medications: Lamictal, Klonopin, Trazadone, Levothyroxine
Conditions: Anxiety Depression

8 Answers

Consultation with your prescribing provider is recommended. If you would like a psychological evaluation for diagnostic clarification and specific support and treatment recommendations that would be helpful for you, seek out a psychologist. We provide these evaluations at my office.
This is a question for a Psychiatrist, not a Psychologist. Psychologists do not prescribe medication (with a few exceptions). I would recommend you talk to your prescribing physician about whether this medication is appropriate for you.
You can have your medication reevaluated. There are other medications that could have positive outcome. I recommend you combine medication with cognitive-behavior therapy.
Who is prescribing the medication and knows your history they should be the one to address the medication If you have anxiety then can’t would be a good starting pointv
There are many different medications used to treat bi-polar disorder (if you have it). I would suggest contacting your prescribing doctor, telling him/her about your side effects and asking about alternatives. I am also curious about why you doubt the diagnosis.
Sorry to hear you are struggling! You should definitely check back in with your prescriber so that you can share your concerns.

You probably need a more formal neuropsychiatric evaluation with psychological testing to parse out the differential diagnosis and determine the appropriate pharmacological and nonpharmacological interventions. Do you have a provider you could approach for this purpose? Where are you located?
Hi - it is scary to take a med for the first time. You dont say how long you have been taking it - some side effects decrease after a couple of weeks. I recommend you speak to the doc who prescribed it - if they arent a Neuropsych person or a psychiatrist, go to a consultant associated with a teaching hospital if possible. Zoom is fine for that kind of consult. Let an expert weigh in on the diagnosis and medication. Glad you asked! Peace, Marian (Dr) Marian K Shapiro Licensed Psychologist