Orthopaedic Surgeon Questions Joint Disorders

Locations of sacroiliac joint pain

I have been diagnosed with sacroiliac joint pain in the past. I am now experiencing similar yet more severe pain in my hip, groin, and lower back. Does this sound like sacroiliitis again?

Female | 44 years old
Complaint duration: 1 month
Medications: Zanaflex,dicofenac p.o. and t.d. patch
Conditions: Arthritis,hx l5-s1 disectomy,Achilles tendon repair, rotator cuff repair

14 Answers

Sounds like you may have a lower back issue.
This sounds like more than just sacrificing iliac pain. I recommend having x rays of your pelvis and lower spine and perhaps an MRI of your lower spine.
Your symptoms sound more like more back problems. You should also X-ray of your pelvis to evaluate your hip joints as well.
If your pain has changed, you need to be reevaluated. You particularly need to repeat your X-rays of your pelvis.
You should rule out disc problems. Discuss it with your doctor.
No. SI pain is usually in the back, not the groin.
It sounds like this may be more than just sacroiliitis. It could indicate a systemic disease process like rheumatoid arthritis Lupus or other. I recommend consultation with a Rheumatologist who will likely perform appropriate diagnostic tests and then recommend treatment.
Do not guess. Get a radiograph of both sacroiliac joints and an MRI of the involved SI joint. Get radiographs of the involved hip and the lumbosacral spine.
Pain in the groin many times could be from the hip joint itself. Because of you h/o prior lumbar disc issues, it could also be combined hip and lumbar spine issue. Please check with your orthopedist for appropriate radiological investigations to have a diagnosis.
It could be but there are many other things that it could be too. You need to be examined by an orthopedic surgeon preferably one who specializes in the spine. A thorough history needs to be taken then a full exam making sure to do a complete neurologic exam to rule out pathology from the spine as well as from the hip joint. You need simple xrays of the spine as well as of the pelvis and hips. Disease of the lumbar spine and of the hip are more common than sacroiliitis. If the doctor thinks the pain is coming from the SI joint there are special tests he needs to do on physical exam. After he rules out everything else. The next step is conservative care and if that doesn't help injections are the next step. Surgery is only a very last resort after everything has failed and the pain is interrupting your life 5/7 days a week or more!
There may be a component of SI joint pain, but the groin pain could indicate hip joint pain also.

Von L Evans Jr MD
posterior left or right sided hip pain is usually associated with sacroiliac pain, groin pain with djd or labral pathology of hip and lbp with lumbar spine.
You might want to ask your position to evaluate your lumbar sacral spine to be sure that the pain is not radiating from disease and your lower back?