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Lower back pain?

Should I invest in a back brace for support because of back pain? I sit all day.

Female | 71 years old

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It's a fact that sitting for too long can cause and worsen low back pain, especially if you are doing something like driving which requires you to sit still in an awkward position. Sitting directly on your tailbone is not only uncomfortable but also causes unnecessary pressure on the spine. Low back pain can also stem from not being able to support your lower back during activities because you don't have the proper back strength. Believe it or not, using a lower back support can help relieve tension and pain in your lower back by holding the spine in place, which then allows you to focus more on your body's movements instead of trying to figure out how to hold yourself up all day.

Look at https://azholistichealthcenter.com/conditions-treated/lower-back-pain/ to learn more.
Lumbar support cushion would be best. Forces you to sit in proper posture (sitting upright with shoulders over tip of the hips and head aligned over hips as well). Use this cushion when driving as well, it will help decrease your pain.
Back braces do not really work that well when you are sitting. You should try to get up more often and move around. Prolonged sitting will cause back soreness and stiffness. Try gentle stretching at first and walking. The movements will help to pump the discs and stretch the joints and muscles.
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Dr. Eric Miller
You would be better to get some core strengthening exercises to help with the back pain. Back braces will cause your core to weaken and cause more pain in the long run.
No, you need to find out what the cause of your pain is. Maybe it's the way your workstation is set up, or maybe something else. Sometimes back pain has a serious cause, so you should see a competent chiropractor or MD that is well versed in back pain.
I would rather you get either a lumbar supportive ergonomic chair that will make your sitting posture appropriate as to decrease any reason to have symptoms, or add a lumbar support between you and your chair like either lumbar pillow or an apparatus i refer my patients to get called Magic Back Support. I would use the number one level of the 3 levels of curve on the magic back support which is available on Amazon.com.
It's probably a good idea to invest in a back support/brace since you have pain and you sit all day. I would also recommend that you try to get up every 20 minutes or so and walk around. Movement is good for low back pain. The brace will give you support and help maintain good posture and assist your low back muscles. So, yes. Try the back brace for a month or two and see if it helps.

Dr. Steven I. Brown, Chiropractor