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MRCP Contrast Dye?

I had an MRCP With contrast dye today, when they inserted the dye I immediately felt it run down my arm on the outside. They said it didn’t matter even though I pressed the call button and told them from the machine what was happening. I have had contrast dye MRI before and have never experienced this. I don’t believe the needle was in my vein. It is important to get accurate test results because I have been having health problems since August 7. Is it true that this still worked even though it leaked on me my clothing and the table?

Female | 70 years old
Medications: Synthroid, Amlopidine, Nexium, Diclofinate
Conditions: GERD, High blood pressure, Hypothyroidism

1 Answer

I would have to evaluate the post contrast sequences to determine how much contrast did make it into your vascular system. The radiologist will likely comment on this in his report. It sounds like you had a loose connection in the tubing or IV heplock hub. You may have had some but not all of the contrast leak out. Alternatively, the flush may have leaked out and the
contrast was all successfully injected.
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