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MRI of brain?

My MRI report states exactly:

Brain parenchyma: Brain parenchymal signal appears within normal limits. There is no restricted diffusion signal of brain to suggest acute process. There is no a mass lesion or vasogenic edema. Postcontrast images demonstrates no abnormal enhancement. Cerebellar tonsils are in normal positions.

What is, "there is no a mass"?

Female | 41 years old
Complaint duration: 08/09/2021
Medications: Gabapentin
Conditions: Possible CSF Rhinorrhea Leak

6 Answers

It's a typo. They meant "There is no mass present". Meaning there is no tumor or other mass to explain symptoms
No mass means that there is no tumor or other lesion
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The first line says it all. Brain Parenchymal signal appears normal. a mass would likely demonstrate an abnormal signal on the MRI scan.
There is no mass means there is no tumor, abscess, blood clot, or other "mass." This is the report of a normal MRI of the brain.
There is no “a” mass is a typo. It should read there is no mass.
No mass means no tumor or lesion that should not be there such as a tumor, blood vessel lesion, etc.