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When is a person in coma declared dead?

My sister has been in a coma for the last 2 years after she had brain surgery. Now, the doctor is asking us if we want to end her life support because she has no signs of activity,...

What can a trauma surgeon do for a severe head injury?

My brother just got hit by a car and is in the ICU. A trauma surgeon has been called in to salvage his head injury. What would the treatment involve?

What scans are done to diagnose a brain tumor?

My father's doctor suspects that he may have a brain tumor. He has had two MRI's done, one of which showed a mass and the other did not. Are there any other scans that can tell...

What is rehabilitation like after a stroke?

My husband suffered from a stroke earlier this month. He is still in the hospital to recover, and I watch him in his physical therapy and occupational therapy sessions. He's...

Is anesthesia safe for a person who suffers with seizures?

My brother has epilepsy, and suffers with seizures frequently. He is scheduled to have surgery in 2 weeks for a knee injury, and is very nervous about being under anesthesia with...

Is it safe for an 86 year old to go under anesthesia?

My mother has a non-cancerous tumor on her brain, and her doctor is advising she have it surgically removed, but is giving her the choice. She is leaning towards the surgery,...

What can i expect after having an MRI?

I suffer with migraines, and am having an MRI done next week to see if there is an underlying health issue causing them. I have never had one before. What can I expect after...

Why does my son get seizures now?

7 months ago my son had surgery to remove a brain tumor. He never had a seizure before the surgery, and has had many since. Why is my son getting seizures now?

What is the best treatment for epilepsy?

My daughter has epilepsy, and unfortunately medication has not helped her. Do we have any other options?

After a stroke what is the recommended physical therapy?

My father suffered from a stroke but is now back home and doing a little better. What is the form of physical therapy that you would recommend for his faster recovery?

Does a tumor always need surgery to be removed?

My brother has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Will he require a surgery alone for it to be removed or can chemotherapy help him?

Why do I feel pain in my nerves while lifting weight?

Every time I am in the gym lifting weights, I feel like I'm experiencing something like nerve pain. Why is this happening to me?

What is the treatment for cerebral atrophy?

My father has been suffering from cerebral atrophy. Can physical therapy help in treating his condition? I don't know much about this condition but I would think connection between...

Is it normal to feel dizzy during the winter?

I feel very dizzy during the winter season. It happens every year. Is it normal?

Is there a surgery to treat Parkinson's?

My cousin who is 27 years old has been diagnosed with early Parkinson's disease. I didn't even know this was possible. What kind of treatment is available for someone this age?...

Stage 3 Lyme or M.S.?

7 years ago I had an engorged deer tick and developed a bulls eye rash. The blood test at that time was negative, so it went untreated. Recently I was hospitalized with symptoms...

Will my mother regain her speech after her stroke?

My mother lost her speech after she got a stroke. Will she ever regain her ability to speak clearly again?

High lymphocytes

What can I do to combat a count of 4. 13 10x9? How serious should one consider the above reading?

My father had a stroke and needs rehabilitation now. Will a physiatrist be able to help?

My father is 69 years old and suffered a stroke. He is now recovering and needs support. Will a physiatrist be able to help him out?

Can vertigo lead to other problems?

It has been six months since I have experienced episodes of vertigo. Lately I feel I am not able to hear properly and it is kind of muffled. Is it due to my vertigo?

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