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My father had a stroke and needs rehabilitation now. Will a physiatrist be able to help?

My father is 69 years old and suffered a stroke. He is now recovering and needs support. Will a physiatrist be able to help him out?

Can less water consumption cause headaches?

Lately, I have been suffering from headaches. The amount of water that I drink has reduced, mainly because of the amount I've been traveling. Could these two be related?

What causes a person to have dementia?

What are the various factors that could result in dementia? Are there any symptoms to identify this condition early?

Is there a test to diagnose nerve damage?

I have a lot of pain in my legs and the doctors say that this could be because of nerve damage. What tests would they do to confirm this?

Can a brain surgery cause speech defects?

Since my brother's brain surgery, he has had speech problem. He has always been okay before this. Could the surgery have caused this to happen? Can it be corrected?

How long does it take for one to recover from a brain tumor surgery?

My husband has to have brain surgery to remove a tumor. How long do you think it would take for him to recover from the surgery?

Is there a surgery to treat ADHD?

My son has just been diagnosed with ADHD and I am desperate to get him treated. Is there a surgery that can treat this problem? The doctor recommended him taking Adderall but...

Do certain foods lead to dementia?

Are there any specific kind of foods that could lead to dementia in a person? A couple of people in my family live with dementia and I am scared for my future because of it....

How long will it take my brother to recover from brain surgery?

My brother was operated on recently for his brain tumor. While the tumor was removed successfully, his recovery is taking a while. What is the usual time of recovery from a brain...

Is there a surgery to treat symptoms of seizures?

My nephew, my sister's son, is 4 years old and is experiencing seizures. I am concerned about their family. Is there usually a surgery to treat this or how does that work?

How much deep sleep is enough?

I have a sleep tracker and my deep sleep is from 15 mins and 1 hour a night.

Could hazy vision be a sign of some problem with the brain?

My vision has been hazy for the past 3 days, and I also have a slight headache. Could this be a sign of a brain problem?

When is the Spinal fluid test recommended?

I recently read about a spinal fluid test, and I'm pretty surprised about how common this test is for patients. Under what circumstances is this test recommended?

Are there early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease?

I have a family history of Alzheimer's disease. So, I think it's very possible for me to get it, too. Are there any early symptoms of the disease that I should look out for?...

How does a physiatrist treat musculoskeletal health problems?

I am told that a physiatrist specializes in treating musculoskeletal disorders. What does their treatment involve?

What causes sudden shocks in the body for some people?

My friend keeps saying that she gets sudden shock waves in her body that start all of a sudden. Is this a neurological problem or is it something else?

I've been suffering from migraines for the past 3 years. What should I do?

For the past 3 years, I've been suffering from frequent migraines. I have tried so many different treatments, but the migraine still manages to come back. No matter what I do....

What causes issues in the nervous system? How is it treated?

My father-in-law has an issue in his nervous system and it's causing numbness in his hands and feet. The doctors haven't yet told us what is wrong with him, only that it has to...

My brother suffered a stroke that paralysed the left side of his body. Is it the right time to now start physical therapy?

My brother is 56 years old and suffered a stroke suddenly, which paralyzed the left side of his body. We want to help him regain as much strength as he can. When do you think...

Exondy 51 Injection

I am suffering from muscular dystrophy. Is Exondy 51 injection therapy effective or not?

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