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Medication for partner?

I was diagnosed with Chlamydia and may have given it to my partner. I understand he has really strong emotions right now and some of the things he is saying are hurtful but is there any way I can also get medication for him?

Female | 26 years old
Complaint duration: 1 month
Medications: Azrithmoycin
Conditions: Chlamydia

3 Answers

Some states allow "Expedited Partner Therapy" where either your doctor or the pharmacy can provide medications for him. If your state does not allow that, he can talk with his health care provider or go to the Health Department or Planned Parenthood for a test or treatment.
Shame on your doctor for not prescribing for your partner as well; that’s why Chlamydia continues to flourish is that one partner is treated and the other is also exposed (and likely infected) and also needs treatment. It is usual and customary to also prescribe antibiotics for your partner and I would contact your healthcare provider and ask why you were not given a script for him as well?
Most physicians will prescribe enough medication for "patient and partner". Ask your physician if he will do this.

William Z. Cohen, M.D., FAAFP