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Missed Period?

I typically have my period towards the end of the month, however, I have not had it for the month of May. My last period was at the beginning of April and I'm unsure of what could be the reason behind the delay.

I have recently started doing high-intensity training classes which is the first time. I'm doing exercise and that's the only lifestyle change I have. Otherwise, I'm not on hormone/birth control or any other medications.

Of course, my biggest concern is pregnancy.

Female | 24 years old
Complaint duration: 12 Days / 0 Months / 0 Years
Medications: None
Conditions: None

1 Answer


So, first and foremost, pregnancy tests are VERY accurate, so, it would be very easy to check if you are pregnant. Just go to CVS/Walgreens and buy a home pregnancy test. They are about $10 and can see when you are pregnant even before you miss your normal period. Assuming that you are not pregnant, you most likely ovulated irregularly. This is very common and is pretty much someone goes to their OB/GYN other than a yearly exam. It is nothing to worry about. Lots of things can cause it: Stress, being sick, obesity, diabetes, etc. I wouldn't worry about anything. You will eventually have your period. 
I hope that this helps. 

Warmest Regards, 

Joseph A. Adashek, MD FACOG