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My delayed period

I am getting periods with a gap of 2 or 2.5 months....I don't have any pain or abnormal bleeding but it comes after 70 days...I am 19 years old ...this is happening for many years ...how can I get rid of this??

Female | 19 years old

7 Answers

Try to go on the pill
This is a sign that you are not having normal predictable ovulation. There are really no good ways to correct this problem. The best way to get more predictable periods is to use hormonal medications such as birth control pills. When you are ready to attempt pregnancy it may be necessary to use fertility medications to help with your ovulation.
It is not uncommon for women in their teenage years to have irregular menses. Most often this is due infrequent ovulation. Just to be sure, blood tests need to be checked just to make sure you don't have thyroid problems which can also cause irregular periods or polycystic ovarian syndrome. Once blood tests return, we can offer you choices to help regulate the irregular menses. We see young women in similar predicament frequently so you are not the only one. Take care.
You should see a gynecologist to rule out PCOS.
Let me first say that there isn't any reason to “get rid of this.” What you are describing is a young woman (yourself) having infrequent periods because you’re not ovulating every month (i.e., not releasing an egg).
You need to release an egg every month only when you want to conceive (become pregnant). You are “normal,” meaning you and many other millions of women like you are infrequent (about 5-6x) ovulators, meaning your ovaries do not produce an egg every month. Therefore, there isn’t any need for your uterine lining to flush/washout/menstruate/shed the non-fertilized egg. You’ll be fine, don’t worry.
At your age, the most likely cause is stress which can interfere with the normal Brain-Pituitary-Ovarian function. Low body weight, poor nutrition and intense exercise can also affect the menstrual cycle. While most GYN's would put you on the birth control pill, I prefer not to use OCP's. Rather cycling you on progesterone (not a progestin) works nicely to regulate your cycle and provides the many benefits of progesterone without shutting down your system which happens with the BCP.
Having periods every 2.5 months is abnormal bleeding and significantly increases your risk for uterine cancer. You should see your gynecologist for evaluation and treatment.