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My eye looks different because of my astigmatism. Anything I can do?

I have an astigmatism in my right eye and this causes it to look different than my left eye. Will it get worse if I don't do anything about it? Is there any procedure available to fix this?

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Good day, astigmatism is quite normal and typically does NOT affect the appearance of your eyes, just your vision is affected. Eyeglasses, contact lenses or LASIK eye surgery are options to fix your astigamtism vision. Depending on your age will determine if your astigmatism will change. If over 20 years old, typically is remains stable for decades. Feel free to call my office at 702 966 2020 if I can be of further service.

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Thank you for the question. There are definitely options to eliminate the size difference the glasses give you, contact lenses are a great option. Refractive surgery is another option. For both of those, you need a full exam with an optometrist to determine which would work better and which makes more sense.
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Lusine Vardanyan, OD
LASIK or PRK is the easiest way to remove astigmatism. We must evaluate the patient before we perform LASIK to rule out corneal diseases.
Different prescriptions in each eye may cause differences in visual perception. Astigmatism is one of three types of vision correction. It can commonly be corrected with glasses, contacts, and lasik (if you’re a good candidate).

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Dr. Silani
Astigmatism does not make an eye look different. We are all lopsided. That is normal.
Glasses may be necessary to help with the imbalance between to the two eyes. I would see an optometrist.
It is unlikely that the astigmatism of the cornea can be detected by observation. Is this a new observation, by you or by other observers such as family or friends? REGARDLESS, if there is an observable irregularity of the eye or you mean your vision is distorted (the way you see out of the eye) especially if this is a new finding, you need to be checked by an Optometric Physician or Physician specializing in the eye.
Are you talking about with glasses on or physically looks different? If you’re talking about through glasses, to minimize the way things look between the two eyes, can do aspheric/digital lenses. That should help.
Astigmatism by itself won’t make your eyes look different. If you have a high prescription in one eye only, glasses can make that eye look bigger or smaller compared to the other eye. If this is the case, wearing contact lenses or getting refractive surgery will solve the problem.
Hi, thanks for the question.
Astigmatism is a very common, and normal thing to have, and may be corrected by using specs, contact lenses, and laser eye surgery provided you are within the bounds of it.
Most people have some level of astigmatism. It does not however cause any obvious differences in the way your eyes 'look', if you're not sure, do book in to have it looked at!
Although wearing or not wearing your glasses will not cause your astigmatism to get better or worse, I would highly recommend you wear prescription glasses or even consider contact lenses that correct your astigmatism, if your vision is worse without corrective lenses, since even small amounts of uncorrected astigmatism can cause eyestrain, which can lead to headaches. You can also consider having refractive surgery such as LASIK to correct your astigmatism. However, I would consider wearing contact lenses first before you consider LASIK surgery if cosmetic reasons is your main motivating factor since it’s non-invasive.
Patients are often concerned about asymmetry in the appearance of their eyes, so your question is not uncommon. If you mean that your eyes look different when wearing your glasses, sometimes the eye with higher prescription or higher astigmatism may look different in size or even distorted when compared to the other eye. Often doctors can order specific lens materials or alter the glasses prescription to minimize asymmetric appearance when looking in the mirror. If you notice the difference in how your eyes look with glasses, but notice that your eyes look more alike without glasses then wearing contact lenses would eliminate the difference you are noticing when looking in the mirror. If your eyes look different when looking in the mirror without glasses on, it is likely secondary to differences in lid position between your eyes. I would need more details on your particular situation to be more specific.

Dr. B
Astigmatism is usually present in most people's eyes, but to varying degrees.
Astigmatism does not usually cause your eye to "look different". Some eye diseases can cause this such as Keratoconus and this causes astigmatism to be greater than normal. See your optometrist and get an evaluation to rule out keratoconus or any corneal disease. They will also check the other structures of your eye to see if there is something else wrong that makes your eye "look different". If you do have keratoconus, you want it diagnosed asap because there are treatments that can slow the progression and you should be educated about this disease process.
Astigmatism is the way the corneal surface is irregular and the cornea doesn't look round and spherical . There's no way anyone can tell you have astigmatism just by looking at your eye . An eye doctor has to refract you in order to determine that