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What is the best way to clean makeup off around my eyes?

What is the safest and best way to get rid of eye makeup?

Why are my eyes watering so much?

My eyes have been constantly watering since I got some debris in them the other day during a very windy day. Should I see a doctor to find out what's going on?

My eyes are really dry. What should I do?

My eyes have been really dry lately. I use eye drops, and they only help a little bit, but there has to be more. Can you recommend anything?

How is glaucoma usually treated?

What does the treatment for glaucoma involve? My father has diabetes and just developed glaucoma as well. I just want to know the best way that it could be treated to help him....

What is causing eye watering in my son?

My son's eyes are watering almost constantly. Is there anything that I can do to treat this?

Why do I feel cloudy vision when exposed to bright colors?

My vision becomes cloudy and hazy when I see very bright colors. Why could this be happening, and can it be treated?

I have glaucoma in both eyes, which I take medication for. Lately I feel pain in my left eye when I blink, as if something is stuck under the lid....

My glaucoma is under control with the current medications I'm using: Cosopt and Xalatan eye drops. For 3 days, though, when I blink I feel pain in the left eye as if there is...

Problems with eyes after Cataract surgery

My distance vision is worse still 4 months after cataract and iStent surgery for glaucoma. Eyelids are swollen, crusting on eyelids upon waking up, distance vision is much worse,...

Does a stye in a child need an antibiotic?

My daughter has a stye in her eye. She is just 4 years old. Does it require an antibiotic treatment?

What is the treatment for amblyopia?

My 8 year old nephew has been diagnosed with amlyopia. What is the treatment for this?

Can pregnancy cause eye strain?

I am 5 months pregnant. Over the past couple of weeks I suddenly have to strain my eyes to see things in the distance, or when driving. Can this eye strain, which is new for...

Why is my vision blurred after my cataract operation?

I had cataract surgery done on my left eye about 3 months ago, but my vision in that eye continues to be blurry. Is that normal?

I am nearsighted. Should I use prescription sunglasses when driving?

I am nearsighted and need to use my glasses for things like driving and for seeing things in the distance. I now need new sunglasses. Should I get prescription sunglasses, or...

My 5 year old son has poor vision. When should he start to wear glasses?

My son is 5 years old and has trouble seeing things clearly, such as books or his legos. Is he too young to start wearing glasses?

My son's eyes have been watering nonstop for a week. What could be wrong?

My son's eyes have been watering nonstop for a week. What could be causing this?

What can I do to help with itchy, dry eyes?

Lately my eyes have been very itchy and dry. I have tried using eye drops, but this problem continues to happen. What can I do to help ease this discomfort?

Treatment for pediatrics optic nerve damage?

What is the correction for optic nerve damage in children? Is surgery needed?

How long is the recovery from laser eye surgery?

My dad is getting laser eye surgery so he can see without glasses. How long will it take for him to see clearly? Are there any side effects?

Does brain surgery correct eye problems?

I've been having headaches, double vision and eye pain. I got an MRI and they detected a benign brain tumor. If i get surgery to remove it will my eye issues stop?

Is blindness heriditary?

My husband is visually impaired. I am scared to have a baby thinking he may carry this impairment. What are the chances?

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