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Can too much television affect a child's eyesight?

Can television actually damage child's eyesight? I've been working hard to get my kids off of television (limiting their screen time, for example), but it's not really working....

Will I be given antibiotics during my retina surgery?

How will my eye remain healthy after my vitrectomy? Will I be given antibiotics or something else?

What is used to keep your eyes open during LASIK eye surgery?

I'm due to get LASIK at the end of the month, and I'm just worried about the way the procedure is going to be done. I understand that my eyes need to be open throughout the surgery,...

How long does pink eye typically last?

My daughter contracted pink eye from her friend, and we took her to her doctor immediately, who gave us eyedrops. How long does pink eye usually clear up?

My eyes are sensitive to lights. What does it mean?

My eyes seem to be really sensitive to lights, especially at night. Headlights, in particular, almost blind me when I'm driving. Does this mean anything? Like, could something...

How easy is it to spread pink eye?

My son doesn't have pink eye, but his friend just came home from school with it and he was over his house yesterday. How easy is it to spread pink eye? Is there anything I can...

How successful is LASIK?

I'm tired of wearing glasses, so I'm really considering getting LASIK eye surgery. I've only heard good things--my uncle did it and hasn't needed any re-treatment. But I'm curious,...

Can optometrists treat glaucoma, or should I go to an ophthalmologist?

I'm not diagnosed with glaucoma, but I noticed that my eye appointments do consist of a test to see if I do have glaucoma at an optometrist's office. Do they treat this disorder,...

Can anything be done for eyelid spasms?

My eye keeps twitching, and it's driving me crazy. I tried to apply a compress on them to stop it, but it's not working. Is there anything else that I can do for these spasms?...

Can glaucoma cause blindness?

Glaucoma runs in my family, and my ophthalmologist says that it is possible for me to develop glaucoma in the future. My mother didn't have it, but my grandmother did. I'm not...

Anesthesia during LASIK eye surgery?

I'm getting LASIK surgery soon, but I have a couple of questions. Mainly regarding anesthesia. My doctor says that I wouldn't be using general, which I know puts me under completely,...

Can children get glaucoma?

In one of his routine eye exams, my child's doctor noticed that he had a few signs of glaucoma in his eye. I always thought glaucoma was a disease that adults develop, from diabetes...

What should I do if I have a pink eye?

So I was washing my face yesterday and I rubbed my eye with a towel. Today it's red in the corner of my eye for some reason. And I'm really concerned about it. Is it pink eye?...

Should my child get colored contacts?

My daughter wants get contacts to make her eyes look more green--right now, she uses contacts that are clear. Are colored contacts safe for her to use?

My vision gets blurry at random points of the day.

While working, I noticed that my vision frequently unfocuses and becomes blurry. This happens at random points throughout the day, and even if I wear my glasses (it also happens...

What can I do to prevent dry eyes?

I've been using eye drops because my eyes have been kind of dry lately. What can I do to prevent them from being dry, other than using eye drops?

My son's eyes get itchy and puffy around dogs. What should I do?

My son has an allergic reaction every time he is around dogs, and it causes his eyes to become red, puffy and itchy. What is the best way to help him cope with this allergy?...

Can contacts cause an infection?

I want to switch to contacts because I'm tired of wearing glasses. But I'm worried that they may cause an infection if I don't take care of them properly. First, are infections...

Can crossed eyes be corrected?

My friend's son was born with his eyes crossed, and his eyes have been like that for years. Is this an issue that can be corrected?

My daughter has a stye on her eye. What's the best way to get rid of it?

My daughter has a stye on her eyelid, and it's all red and inflamed because she keeps rubbing it. What should I do to get rid of it?

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