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My grandpa started walking much slower--anything we can do?

My grandpa overall is in very good health. He is 82 with no health conditions and he monitors his health regularly. But our family noticed he has been walking much slower within the past couple of months. Is this just a part of getting old? Should he go to a specific doctor?

4 Answers

walking slower can mean a lot of things. It could mean that his vision
might be affected. It could mean that he feels unstable when walking. It
could be a condition like Parkinson's disease. I would definitely go to
your doctor and have it checked out. All the best...​
This isn't part of getting old per se unless there is something else going on. If you have good primary care in the area he should start there for a medical exam and review of his medications and maybe consider a neurologist (Parkinson's disease can present early like this). And at minimum the PCP could refer him to Physical Therapy for strength building.
perhaps neuro consultation to R/O ?Parkinsons desease , PT eval for reconditioning , eval nutritional status , medication reconciliation
i think he has to see a doctor , could be many condition , mainly i will do Ct scan of the brain and do a full work up