Urologist Questions Erectile Dysfunction

My husband has difficulty maintaining an erection. What can we do to improve our sex life?

We have sex often but it doesn’t last very long because my husband loses his erection very fast. What can we do to improve our sex life?

5 Answers

I would recommend a full evaluation with a urologist as well as primary care physician. If medication is not working, such as Viagra or Levitra or Cialis or Stendra, then other new and exciting treatments are available. There is some good evidence that platelet rich plasma and Low intensity shockwave therapy can restore improved function.
See a urologist to evaluate causes of failure to sustain an erection.
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Your husband needs to see a sex specialist, to rule out a few things like: Diabetes, cholesterol issues, high blood pleasure, smoking, hormonal aspects, etc.
First, your husband needs a physical exam and labs. It could be several events happening. Go to a specialist who treats ED.

Joseph Banno, MD
There are many treatments for erectile dysfunction. This may be simple as using Viagra, but a full evaluation should be done to determine the cause and best treatments for his problem maintaining directions.