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Tendon repair recovery question

I am having surgery for tendon repair in my right hand. That is my dominant hand. About how long will recovery take so that I can get back to using my right hand again after...

Colonoscopy question

I am scheduled for my first colonoscopy. Will I need to have general anesthesia for this test?

Is it safe to go under general anesthesia with COPD?

My father has severe COPD. He needs to have knee replacement surgery soon and I'm concerned about the anesthesia due to his breathing condition. Is anesthesia safe for him during...

How are electrolyte imbalances treated?

My father is suffering from an electrolyte imbalance. Are there any home remedies that can help correct this? What should he be eating and drinking to balance his electrolytes...

Is laser treatment safe for getting rid of warts?

I have a few warts (one of them is quite large) on the back of my hand. Someone told me they can be removed through laser treatment. Is this true, and if so, is the laser treatment...

I am overweight and I have high blood pressure. Should I see a cardiologist for an exam of my heart?

I am man in my late 40s who has high blood pressure and extra weight. Sometimes I get short of breath. Is it time for me to see a cardiologist to get a full workup of my heart...

Red mole being removed from my back and sent for tests. What kind of tests will be done?

I have an odd reddish mole on my lower back. My dermatologist wants to remove it and then send it for testing. What kinds of tests would be done on this mole and what types of...

Why do I need to meet the anesthesiologist before my surgery?

I'm having surgery next week and was told I need to meet with the anesthesiologist a few days before the procedure. Why is this?

Are there any side effects from hair transplant surgery?

I'm supposed to have hair transplant surgery next month. Can you let me know what to expect after the procedure? Will my scalp be very sore or swollen? I'm also wondering what...

Why is there pain in my testicles?

I have been having constant minor pain or discomfort in my testicles for the past few days. Now and then there is also a shooting pain that lasts for a while. What could this...

Is it true that watching porn can cause erectile dysfunction?

My husband has had a problem with watching porn for many years. Lately, he has also been experiencing erectile dysfunction. Can the two really be related? What can be done to...

What could a dull aching pain in the testicles mean?

I have an on/off dull aching pain in my left testicle and its quite tender to touch, since this pain has started I've noticed that they keep retracting up quite often and stay...

Retracting testicle in adult following inguinal hernia repair

What causes one testicle to retract following inguinal hernia repair, the retracting testicle is on the side of the respiratory? The repair took place about 8 weeks ago.

When should I start going to a proctologist?

I am 30 years old, but prostate cancer unfortunately runs in my family. When should I start seeing a proctologist for routine care?

Can sperm count be increased with exercise?

My husband's sperm count is on the lower side and I am unable to conceive. Can exercise or increased activity in general help in increasing sperm count?

Blood semen

Last night I ejaculated and there was semen in my blood. I'm 29 years old, is this natural? Thank you. Best treatment for that?

I had unprotected sex. Should I immediately test for HIV?

I had unprotected sex 2 days ago for the first time. I am completely overcome with worry. What should I get tested for? I've never had STI testing in my life.

Will I be given anesthesia for hair transplant surgery?

I want to learn more about hair transplant surgery. Will I be given local anesthesia?

Inner tip of penis opening is white and a dull pain. I believe I have HPV.

The very tip and partial inside is white and sometimes hard and my hole wanted to close. The inside is red and painful. I do have a test for HPV coming up. I do have a bad UTI...

My husband is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Could it be due to an underlying health condition?

We have been married for the last 10 years and all of a sudden he is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Is it temporary or due to some underlying health condition?

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